Is sex lovemaking or Battle???

Sex is like a Battle for some People I was sitting opposite him in his well decorated parlor and he spoke to me that evening with a kind of confidence I have never seen him display in 12 years of knowing him. He said “with (he mentioned the name of a particular drug) I can […]


Modern day Marriage is about finding the middle ground..

Modern day Marriage is about finding the MIDDLE GROUND!!. is it true that Africans don’t read long write ups because they are lazy? Well it could also be that the write ups are not interesting. Please read this one.. it will help us all. Gone are the days when our mothers were relegated to the […]

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How to find a wife that will give you peace.. my story..

So after a very difficult break up, I met this choir girl that is not ashamed to sell items in the market to support herself and her family..
So I thought.. if she can keep customers, she can keep members!!
If she can sell instead of hanging out with friends, then if the chips are down, she can do anything to help my family.. even sell mama-put!!



My 10th anniversary memoirs part 5 Women like talk? I think when women talk, they are just telling you to come and talk with them. They need your attention and your company. They like you to know that they are not only useful for sex but they can be useful companions. In the words of […]

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How the Devil wins Christians in Relationship battles

The young girls are lured into lesbianism and masturbation as a way of enjoying sexual pleasures without the fear of getting pregnant or contracting diseases. But in the long run they develop into something else. They become addicted to themselves and they have no need for a man again. And the natural order of Marriage is destroyed.