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How the Devil wins Christians in Relationship battles

The young girls are lured into lesbianism and masturbation as a way of enjoying sexual pleasures without the fear of getting pregnant or contracting diseases. But in the long run they develop into something else. They become addicted to themselves and they have no need for a man again. And the natural order of Marriage is destroyed.

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EXCLUSIVE….. calls from my Ex that nearly destroyed my home

I can’t tell you now how I felt when I heard all these from my Ex about the extent my wife could go?

Was it true? Can my good and innocent wife go through all these stress just to be sure I am not cheating?

Couldn’t she have trusted me when I assured her we had nothing?

Must she have gone that far to talking to the lady’s husband? What if the man was not buying what she was telling him?

What if he reacted wrongly by perhaps accusing me of distracting his wife?


12 problems Women have with each other.. the 13th one will shock you

Great values blog has done more post from women contributors, we have also made more posts about women than any other topic. Women are always trending in anything they do.. no wonder God took extra time and tactics to create women. Personally, I think being a woman is the toughest assignment on Earth. I might […]


7 raisons pour lesquelles certains hommes ne peuvent pas se marier

Se marier est très facile pour certaines personnes mais très difficile pour certaines personnes Pouvez-vous imaginer un beau jeune homme riche qui est toujours célibataire à l’âge de 38 ans? Il a sa maison, un bon travail, d’un milieu décent, il est en bonne santé, un diplômé .. quand vous voyez un scénario comme celui-ci, […]


Lorsque vous avez fini de prier, faites ces choses.

Ce que vous venez de faire pendant les prières, c’est de demander à Dieu. Maintenant, si vous avez demandé à Dieu, vous devez croire qu’il vous a entendu. S’il vous a entendu, alors il doit vous répondre / ou il a répondu. être dans une position où vous attendez la réponse au manifeste. Donc, en […]

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COPIED POST… Suitors now prefer our house maids to our daughters..

This post was copied from a friend’s wall. But the content fits our core niche which is relationship and marriage hence we copied it just for the purpose of spreading the message The link is posted under the Post. Read on… My oga at the top, take note faa: *A mum shared the following write […]