How To Wake up your Mind

Ibitein, a young unemployed lady who lives in the old Port Harcourt metropolis, was rushing out of her house early in the morning to attend an interview at the busy end of town, Eleme junction precisely. She was sharply dressed with the hope of getting this job by all means. But just before entering the bus at Lagos Bus stop, she encountered another lady who was either drunk or having a carryover of anger. The lady insulted ibitein for mistakenly stepping on her while entering the bus and ibitein, not knowing what she had done, reacted by talking back at the lady.
Other passengers tried to calm the lady but to no avail. Her carryover of anger was so obvious that she kept unleashing provocative words at ibitein. At a point ibitein had to react. From ibitein’s reaction a fight started. Remember, she was going for an interview and she really needed this job to stay afloat as the covid 19 infected economy was bitting so hard on her and her poor family that depends on palliatives from neighbors. Just after forty five seconds into the pulling of hair and pulling of clothes, the driver of the bus pulled over and everyone joined hands to separate the two fighting ladies. Guess what, ibitein’s sharp dressing, hair do, facial make up was all messed up. Her top buttons was even cut off revealing her sensitive parts. The other lady was also affected but because she was going no where, she wasn’t bothered.
Here comes the harsh Realization, ibitein could not go for the interview again. Her way back to her house at New road was long. Going back to get redressed and come for her interview was not going to be easy. She would not meet up the time. The Normal traffic situation was not going to allow it. See her, in the middle of her journey not able to go forward. The other lady didn’t care, she had walked away. Ibitein was left alone. Regretting ever allowing herself to be dragged into a mess that is costing her the interview. But was it Ibitein’s fault? Yes because she could avoid the issue. She could leave that bus or ignore the other lady keeping in mind the importance of her interview. Obviously, she was reacting to life. Instead of controlling life. And truth be told, many people just wake up and get into life, Reacting not controlling.
That means their mind is sleeping though their body is awake. Ibitein was bodily awake but her mind was sleeping, inactive. So the issues took her unawares. TIME TO WAKE UP To wake up means more than just opening your eyes from sleep. So many times we are awake from sleep but still not awake to life. Some times our eyes are wide open but our minds are still sleeping. That’s why we miss opportunities.
Sometimes people wake up, take their bath, dress up and even leave their homes to their places of business but they are not yet Awake in their Minds So your eyes are wide open but your mind is sleeping or inactive. You are only awake when your Mind is Awake. To wake up your mind is to be ready to Analyse and Interprete issues that come your way. If you are not ready to Analyse and Interprete issues, it means you are just ABSORBING things as they come to you. And if care is not taken, you will React negatively.