Problems of Africa

The biggest problem of Africa is that She doesn’t know her Real Problem.
Imagine having a big tree in your compound that sheds it’s leaves every day to dirty the compound. And you are blaming the leaves or the people that sweep the compound for the dirt. Whereas the root cause of the dirt is the tree. Africa has just one problem that has given rise to many other problems and that problem is LEADERSHIP. In this life, Everything rises and falls on leadership. The Bible says if you smite the shepherd the sheep will scatter. The prevalent mentality of Leadership in Africa is just to occupy positions of trust to milk the people dry. Hence since the last century, Africa has not been able to record much progress.
John Maxwell defines leadership as influence. I will add to that definition by saying leadership is the art of influencing people towards setting and achieving their set goals. The major addition from me is the fact that leadership should help a group of people set the right goals first before leading them to achieve those set goals. Bad leadership all around Africa have made us to loose touch with reality. So we don’t even know what goals to set as a country and continent.
As a family cannot make progress without effective planning, so our continent must stop groping and start planning in order to meet up with present realities. Leadership in Africa is about winning elections. Elections in Africa are not won by voters but by riggers. Elections are not won by policies but by vote buying and incumbent priveledges
Political power in Africa is for wealth not for service delivery. A few persons will syphone the Commonwealth of every one just to perpetually hold unto power. That is the problem of Africa. The only problem of Africa. This one problem is responsible for every other problems. As long as we keep fighting tribalism, corruption, poverty, underdevelopment and the likes we will never win until we stand against bad leadership. Bad leadership is the problem of Africa and nothing else. During the recent black lives matter campaigns in America, you will discover our blacks with all their wealth and influence will rather fight for peaceful coexistence with the whites than to come back to Africa. If you are treated badly abroad, why don’t you return? The answer is simple. It’s easier to fight with racism than to fight with bad leadership. Bad leadership is like the devil ruling over you. Our fellow black will rather live and die as ‘slaves’ and second class citizens than to come back to bad leadership in Africa as free borns. Also, all the black names that have made history made it outside Africa. There is no enabling environment for people to invent things here in Africa. So there will contantly be that brain drain from Africa to the western world.