How To Help your Man

Genesis 2:18 Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”.. NLT version. What God created for Adam was not just a beautiful woman but a Helping hand. The emphasis was not on her outward looks but her Role/Function.”I will make a helper who is just right for him”Nothing was said of her LOOKS but a lot was said of her ROLES. But today everything is about the looks not the roles.As a woman, do you Know your ROLES?Do you Know what it means to Help a man? Have you ever sat down to think about what it means to be a Helper Suitable for Him.As a man that wants to choose a wife have you arranged your priorities? Are you choosing based on Roles or Looks.Most men made their choices based on looks only and some are regretting it. My advice is that you check the role first and then the looks.Can she help you? Will she derive pleasure in helping you? When the chips are down, will she fight you or join you to fight your battles?Is she a competitor or a team player? Does she see you as someone that can lead her? If you want to go far in marriage and relationship issues you should be thinking in these lines..A man’s failure can be blamed on the women in his life. As the saying goes behind every Successful man is a Woman. It implies too that behind every average man is a woman and behind every man that fails is a woman.Do men need help?
A million times YES!!!I guess the roles of our mothers never really ends. Those roles are to be continued by wives.A. MEN NEED HELP WITH THEIR VISION; One clear difference between a man and a boy is that a man has a Clear Vision of what he wants to do in life. And before embarking on a serious relationship, he should have put plans on ground that leads into fulfilment of that vision. If not he is still a boy. No matter his age.To help men interpret/understand our specific vision for life is the function of our parents but to help sustain that Vision is the function of a Wife.I always advise that Women should NOT contemplate MARRIAGE with men that don’t have a clear vision backed up with a working plan on ground.I also plead, that Women should do everything in their power to HELP the man they have chosen to marry with his Vision and plans to ensure that they become successful.Some women don’t know how to help. They only know how to highjack. You are to support, not to lead except you think you are married to a fool..If you can, don’t wait until your husband has financial problems before you start hustling to support the family. Don’t waste resources on frivolities just because you want to meet up. Plan deliberately and start it early. Marriage is a partnership business not a one sided affair.Your interest in your husband’s finances should not be for the purpose of controlling who he helps alone but also for the purpose of encouraging him towards savings and investments for tomorrow. Because some women prevent their men from helping others but use their untamed appetite to waste all the money on themselves.By all means, Support your man with your WORDS, WANTS and your ACTIONS.B. MEN NEED HELP WITH ORGANIZATION. In a family house boys room is always the dirtiest. Women should help to organise their men daily, weekly and yearly.Organise his HEALTH with the type of food you prepare and exercises. His health should be your priority as well as his faithfulness to you. His mental health too (so you might want to check your nagging frequency)Organise his OUTFITS to help him have maximum respect in and out of the house. Most men have don’t have clothes and don’t even think of clothes whereas women just can’t stop getting clothes for themselves. Organise your man’s outfits too.HHelp him organise the CHILDREN by ensuring discipline to mould the the children’s character. Some women just carelessly give children every thing they ask for (in the name of love) not knowing they are spoiling the children.Proper feeding habits in the home can save the family lots of money that would have been spent in hospitals.Help him organise his FAMILY responsibilities to his parents and siblings and yours too.My dear be deligent and painstaking enough to Help him organise his life generally. That’s your Role-Helper.Help himHelp himHelp him..We welcome comments and questionsAll pictures in this post are gotten from Google.