Poor guys and Rich girls.

Do you know that Some Decisions we make in life are very critical and almost irreversible?Examples of such decisions are;1. The choice of a life partner. 2. The choice of career and 3. The choice of ReligionThese decisions should never be taken in a hurry and they should not also be left unattended to.Life is a game of choices.You have to make choices daily because you have the ability and responsibility to make decisions for yourself.One characteristic of livingthings that we were not taught in elementary school is the ability to decide what to do and what not to do.Even children have the power to decide. And that power (in children) is often guided by parent figures around them because of the age and experience level of the child.My lecturer in the University Dr. Bari taught me that “not taking a decision is also a decision”. Yes! because it is still you that decided not to make the decision. If you decide to devote time to take a critical look at the situation in question, you will address it. If you postpone it.. it’s still your decision to..In this post, I will be dealing with Choosing a life partner!In choosing a life partner, some persons do one of the following;A. Some people choose based on WHO the person in question is: who is he or she? How beautiful?, how intelligent?, how well behaved?, how compatible?, how old or young? etc. And all the points for consideration are focused on the person in question.Some people choose based on WHERE the person in question is from: who are his or her parents? How wealthy is their family?, how educated?, how influential?, what religion?, what political connections?, what type of inheritance?, etc. And all the points of consideration are focused on the family status of the person and the perceived future.Some people just follow blindly. They just fall madly in love or just blindly believe and there is no room for rational thinking. Prophecy chose for some of them. Parents and friends chose for some of them. Early pregnancy chose for some of them. Poverty chose for some of them. It was never their choice.All our choices have ups and downs. Some work and some fail. Whether its your choice or an imposed choice, some work and some fail. But some persons live in regret while forcing it to work against all odds.The reason why you have to Make the Right Choice is that you are expected to Stick with your choice and get the best out of the relationship. You are expected to Stick with this person you have chosen or the person you are about to choose?Now, over to the MENSome men believe that marrying a Rich girl will make life easy for them. So, they will go to any lenght to date a girl from a rich home not considering the basics of love, compatibility and readiness. Some men in this class are even rich.All they want is to jump start their lives on a high note.They have seen that life can be very difficult. They have seen that the route of hard work is very long. So they don’t mind forcing themselves to love and cherish a rich girl just to live above poverty.They can even worship the girl and her family just to achieve their aim. They can endure and take any shit now, believing it will change later. This decision may work but most times it backfires.And when the shit continues after marriage, instead of enduring you cry out. When you find it hard to domesticate a spoilt rich girl, you lament publicly. When you see the impossibility in making a rich girl to be loyal and submissive to a “poor” husband, you now regret.When you are being constantly reminded of how you were helped from rags to riches, you get embarrassed. But you saw it coming and blindly went in.See! Every man smells shit. Just choose the version of shit you want and stick with it. Either you receive the shit of suffering through thick and thin to provide Much for your poor family or you take the shit of being insulted for enjoying what has been provided by her and her family. Shit is shit. Choose one and stick with it.My advise is after going every lenght to marry the rich girl, get ready to take some shit.. see it as the price you have to pay for dodging the route of hard work.Or would you now after u have tasted some wealth, return to hard work? Do you still remember how to trek long distances and board public vehicles? Do you still know how to eat mama-put or wear bend down select clothes?Men, if you are already in the shit, devise ways to get along.Honestly it’s possible to get along if you can just remove some pride. You can use the Leverage of the money available in the family to work out your own and earn respect.You can just assume you borrowed everything you are enjoying now. Hence, you should stop wasting time and resources and instead you should continue to think and work as a hustler. If you do this she will respect you forever.Don’t be filled with an entitlement mentality because till tomorrow, what is not yours is not yours. But you can Leverage on it wisely to get yours.If you are wise, you will realise there is no shame in being told the truth. So what you call abuse from her and her family may just be a harsh reminder for you to stop living a lie.But if you work hard, it will be a story. That you were poor, then married a rich girl and you leveraged on your wife’s assistance and got your own finances. Great story!Know that you are not the first man to be helped by a woman. And you will not be the last. Moses in the bible was helped by his in-laws. And it was not a problem because he was humble through it all. He was taking shit from his wife’s parents (Exodus 3:1) until the age of eighty when God called him out.It’s a proven fact that some rich girls did not start their relationships by being proud and insultive to their men. They started well but the men misfired along the line so the girl had no choice but to start addressing them badly.How can you use her wealth to be posing to the extent of following other women and you expect her to sit and be loyal? How can you be wasting and squandering their assets as if you knew the sacrifices they took before achieving them.How can you be maltreating her when the comfort you enjoy is from her? Who does that?..Take a deep breath and ask yourself what do you want out of life?.The most important asset to a rich person is Peace. Do every thing to live in peace with her and the sky will be your limit.To be continued!!!!Questions are needed!Comments are needed!All pictures in this post were gotten from Google.Subscribe to get updates every day