How To Solve Problems By Applying FAITH in God

Faith is an action that is motivated by your belief. Everyone already has faith in someone or something.

You took the pills or the herbs because you believed what the doctor said that it will heal/cure you.

You put on the light switch without doubting because you believed the electrician knows his job.

You went for the appointment because you believed the person will be there.

Your belief comes from what you know about the person or thing. What you know comes from what you have heard or seen.

So faith in any person or thing stems from hearing testimonials about that person or thing.

In the same way, faith in God comes by hearing the word of God.

Faith is more than knowing the word or agreeing to the word. Faith is Doing the word or acting based on what the word says.

Let’s read Four (4) verses

John 11:23 Jesus saith unto her, Thy brother shall rise again.
John 11:24 Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.
John 11:25 Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live
John 11:26 And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

Jesus started his discussion with the solution.. There is a solution for every problem we encounter in life.

Jesus didn’t deny there was a problem but he only focused on the solution
He told her your brother shall rise again.

Your business, your family, your health, your children, your dreams, your finances will rise again

You have accepted there is a problem but i want you to also accept there is a solution here and now in Jesus name.

If you really want to solve your problems, Stop looking for who or what to blame for your problem but focus on who can drive the solution-Jesus

Remember Faith is not just about the knowledge of God you hear or know but in the knowledge of God you are willing to act on..

she knews her brother would rise again someday but she is not going to act on that knowledge today.

Jesus said I am the resurrection meaning i am the one that will resurrect him whether today or on the last day so you better believe i can do it today..

So Jesus asked her.. believest thou this.. and he is still asking you today.. believest thou this?

you believe in Jesus? Yes.. but do you believe he can meet this particular area of need you are desiring?

You know he can do all things but do you believe he can do all things for you?

Believest thou this?..

let your faith grow to the level where you believe he can do all things for you..

yes! not just do for others but for you. if not you will not receive all things.

By faith, Receive your Solutions in Jesus name, Amen!!!

Now start confessing along with this prayers and start acting like one that has encountered God’s word.

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