What gives you CONFIDENCE??

From the dictionary on Google… Confidence means feeling sure of yourself and your abilities — not in an arrogant way, but in a realistic, secure way.

Confidence isn’t about feeling superior to others. It’s a quiet inner knowledge that you’re capable. … feel secure rather than insecure.

In local African parlance, confidence can be called ‘Morale‘ like they say in pidgin English ‘you no get morale’.

In today’s real world, confidence comes from EXTERNAL FACTORS not internal factors and that’s a problem.

A beautiful woman has confidence in her beauty and it makes her feel better than other women who are not up to her.. (in her own judgement) so she feels she will attract the richest among the men before other women but it doesn’t always work like that does it?Many other women (not all) who see her as superior because of beauty (or class, connection etc) will naturally feel intimidated by her and will unconsciously strive to be like her or better. But this too is not rightAn intelligent child has confidence above his peers because he/she feels like an authority in the classroom. He will likely feel that life will give him a better future than his classmates but years later we discover it doesn’t always work like that.. does it??And other children in the class will be feeling intimidated by the intelligent one knowing that those who take first position in class do not necessarily take first position in life

When one gets into Positions of authority in the office or group it gives confidence too. And it can make you feel better than your colleagues. You may even think you are more opportuned and you will be faster in life but it’s not always like that. Is it?In today’s world, the highest level of Confidence comes from how much money you have and how influential the persons you know are.

So you see values are thrown off board and Cash becomes the new way to measure relevance.. but it’s wrongThe world’s value system has been fully substituted. The new order is money. Money answereth all things doesn’t it?

People (women) will choose money instead of peace. They will choose rich-love over real-love. Money is the God of this world not Satan.So if you have money, you have confidence but if you don’t have money, you don’t have confidence. Again, very very wrong.

The REAL and ONLY source of confidence should be God. Because God is eternal while money is temporal.Money can aid you in this life but it cannot make you. Only God can make you. Life without money is possible but life without God is unthinkable.

Man made money but God created value. That’s why the most important things of is life are free like water, air, salvation, children, etc. Your money ends here but God continues forever.

If your confidence is based on the money you have, you are controlled by money. That’s what Jesus called Mammon in Luke 16:9,11,13. But your confidence should be on God and God only.

Some trust in chariots and horses but we will trust in the name of the lord

Waking up is a miracle, being healthy is a miracle, having your family with you is a thing of Joy but people will celebrate the miracle of a bank alert more than all these other miracles.

If your confidence is from Money, what will happen if you become broke. Most Godly people have the fear of living ‘without’ money more than the fear of living ‘without’ God.

The fear of living a broke life has lead many into vices.

That’s why the bible said
the love of money in the root of all evil..

God’s word is full of truths that can make you truly confident. Money in God’s eyes cannot help you be a better you. Only God’s word can update you.

You are God’s perfect creation, (nothing-lacking) because God doesn’t make mistakes and you are not one.

You are to use money to fulfill God’s purpose for your life and not money using you.

Money cannot define you because only God can define what he created. If God’s word doesn’t give you confidence then you are gone with the love of money.Even when things do not go your way, God’s word is still your anchor, Not a job, a contract or a rich friend. Keep your confidence in God because He will not fail.

Apostle Paul said, I have learnt how to abound and to abase. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.. in all your ways acknowledge him and he Shall direct your part. Prov3:5-6

David defeated Goliath by his confidence in God. He didn’t rely on age and experience. He didn’t rely on superior military tactics from the Israeli Army. He didn’t need (Armour) Godfather’s to secure him.

His confidence in God amplified his small stone to a weapon of mass destruction.
If God can’t help you, money too cannot help you.

Rich Christians are also advised against trusting in their wealth but to trust in God completely. Trusting in Money makes you see others as inferior. But trusting in God makes you humble knowing it’s not by your power but by the spirit.

If you intimidated by the rich then your confidence is not in God. If you are waiting for money before you can associate with others your confidence is in money.

With God (not with money) all things are possible

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