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To Behold And Become -Dads as Mentors

Man is created empty, to behold and become. Meaning to look up to someone and become like the person.

I can use the book of Genesis (God and Adam) to back my claim. God always came down in the cool of the day to fellowship with man.

To fellowship here is not to worship.

Will God come down to worship another superior one? No of course. Or was He helping Adam to worship Himself?

I’m a strong proponent of this point that…. God was Adam’s only choice to look up to as it were as at creation. Adam had to learn from him. To copy and observe from God, and become like God.

To put it short, a father is or should be a mentor. Being a father is bigger than DNA, being a parent is more than paying rent.

No wonder the Lord spoke about Abraham saying: I know Abraham, he will teach his children.

Let me go as far as saying a father who is not available for his children has failed in his first assignment.

The children will naturally copy or learn the lifestyle of the housemaid if she is all they see.

It’s not even the job of the mothers to mentor children but sadly that’s the case 75% of the time.

I understand the financial burdens of fatherhood, but please fathers create time out of your busy schedule to be available, that’s what makes you a mentor.


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Daniel ‘Dubb D’ Dein

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