CELEBRITIES COLUMN- you can be a part of our team

Hey… would you like to be on our Celebrity Page for each month?
If yes, your opportunity is here.

Great Values Blog will like to create time to celebrate some persons every month. Starting from September, 2020


1. You consider yourself a celebrity so you nominate yourself to be one of our celebrities for the month.

2. You consider someone you know to be good enough to be celebrated so you nominate such person to be celebrated by Great Values Blog.

3. You have a special event like your birthday, graduation, promotion, safe delivery, dedication, wedding anniversaries, etc and you want Great Values Blog to celebrate with you.

4. You have a Company, Ministry, NGO that helps humanity achieve one need or the other or you know someone like that and you want Great Values Blog to celebrate such person.

How to contact us?

1. Send a mail to the admin stating your interest and we will take it up from there.
Email addresses are

jtamunosiki@gmail.com iworijamabo@gmail.com

We will review your request and get back to you within 48 hours


Upon approval, we will

1. Set up an online meeting with the Celebrity in question.
2. If it will require any interview we will request for the interview online too.
3. Request for standard digital pictures from the Celebrity to be used for the Celebrity post.

4. We will make the post and flag the Celebrity(ies) as the FACE(s) of OUR BLOG for the month.
But in the event we don’t have Celebrities for the next month, we reserve the right to retain the Celebrities of the previous month till we have another edition.

Terms and conditions

All Celebrities are by this notice permitting the blog to use their pictures for other posts on the blog to help us promote our contents.

The blog and the Celebrities are mutually helping each other by rendering free service to each other till such a time that we will start having paid subscriptions.

All Celebrities must be subscribers to the Great Values BLOG

Celebrities should avoid compromising their image especially on sensitive issues of social media.

If we find out our Celebrities have not comported themselves properly, we will quietly contact them to resolve the image issues. If they insist on compromising their image publicly, we will stop the use of their images for our Blog.

You can contact us now to be part of our Celebrities for September