African Leaders Approach- Medicines After Death

The hope of the common man in Africa is that “One day we will get it right”. We have been living in this hope until we are no longer sure it will ever happen but we still live in this hope. To me it’s not a hope but a lazy excuse to cover our unwillingness to get the best from our leaders.The late Boma Erekosima said once “if a dog bites you once, that dog is mad but if the same dog bites you a second time, you are the one that is mad”In Africa, the same dog that has been bitting us since the mid twentieth century is still bitting us till now and will still bite us till the mid twenty first century. Hence all if us in Africa can be said to be proverbially mad.President Putin said, Africa is a grave yard. President Trump said Nigeria is a shit hole. Are these statements true? Even if we don’t want to accept it to the international community, do we think we can lie to ourselves? Are these statements really true.

I have said in an earlier post and I still maintain my position that Africa has only one problem. Just one problem. LEADERSHIP.

It is easy for us to pass the bulk of our problems around without solving it. It’s easy to share the blames without taking responsibility. The easiest is even to turn to God in prayers hoping that he will one day answer our prayers. Whereas he has equipped us with every needed tool to create our destiny.

The leaders in Africa are not the worst problem. The ones like you and I who allow ourselves to be led by such disillusioned leaders are the problems. The ones like you and I who allow greedy and visionless leaders to operate without being accountable to anyone are the problem. The ones like you and I who are Enduring the pains of bad government and will still vote without reasoning are the real problems of Africa.

Until we get the issue of Leadership right in Africa, we will remain what they said we are.

See this picture of Help AFTER Rape speaks volumes of how African leadership works. Never Pro-active always Reactive

One question: If the State Governor’s daughter is Raped will the governor react better?

Our leaders think they live in a different world from their followers. Everyday children, women are raped and to the Government it’s a norm. When will we as Africans feel the impact of leaders?

This picture above is posted in a drug infested, high crime area of a city. Barely one kilometer from the government house of that city with a functional police station, yet the Raping is Rapid.

No help given to a rape victim can return the person’s dignity. No punishment given to an offender can clean the horror in the mind of the victim. No blame on the carelessness of the victim can Justify the crime of rape. Rape is not a punishment or correction mechanism for careless or wayward girls. Rape is a violation of someone’s dignity.

The best cure to rape is Prevention.

Prevention can be stimulated by good legislation against offenders and checkmating security operatives to do their paid jobs. Both functions rest solely in the hand of the leaders we voted for.Sensitive issues like these are what makes for good governance. People who are paid (like the police) should be supervised to do their jobs. If not the Government will answer a bad name for it. People who fail their paid duties ( in the police for example) should be punished adequately and sacked where necessary if not Government will bear a bad name for it.

The worst part of the Government is the Police. The weight of corruption in the police alone can sink Europe.

Successive Governments will come up and maintain the same deaf ear about the evil meted out continuously on common civilians by the police who are paid to protect us. And they do nothing. Shame.. Africa will never get it right at this rate.

The biggest lie in Nigeria is bail is free.

The I. G knows, the President knows yet they lie to us and we let them lie to us continuously. It is until they have killed innocent civilians that you will hear the government swing into action. Action that bears no fruit. Medicines after death.People are kidnapped everyday on our roads that has check points every five minutes yet no D.P.O has been sacked for not doing his sworn duty. It is rumoured that police connives with criminals and give them guns, ammunition and even Intel yet no one is investigated and brought to book. This things will never end until the masses say no to it.

We are hearing of killings in Northern Nigeria and the National Assembly is passing a law on CAMA. We are hearing of borrowing for our Economy and the National Assembly is launching new cars in Pandemic. Even state Governments are buying sophisticated cars for the same National Assembly Members; Such insensitivity, wickedness and visionless style of Leadership in Africa.

Why won’t crime increase when there is no pro activeness on the part of Government. Why won’t Poverty and Frustration drive people into vices of all sorts. Africans will soon be tried of enduring.

For decades our traditional medical practitioners have been producing drugs from our local herbs and the Government doesn’t see it necessary to intervene and develop such a sensitive area as health. Instead we will import drugs at any price. Meanwhile some of these drugs are not as powerful as the ones produced here just that our leaders are blind to opportunities.

For years Nollywood and others have placed Africa back on the world map and our Government has not still seen an opportunity to help the Creative Industry in Africa to develop more product with higher commercial value.

But they will waste billions on Maintaining refineries that Refines nothing. Waste billions on renovating an assembly building that is a glorified looting centre.. shame.For any rape victim out there, for any innocent civilian killed, for every one that has been denied justice because of the system of Government in Africa, Hisory will never be kind towards those leaders whose Negligence and Compliance has brought untold hardship to the common man.

As we speak, Government doesn’t have the facility and manpower to provide basic education for Upto 15% of the population and they are not willing to improve on that. But instead of supporting private individuals that have come into the education sector to help with some sort of grants and an enabling environment, they will choke them out with laws and tariffs. What a Reverse mentality.

Currently Africa is unemployed and unemployable. No forward thinking is done to curb these issues but they come up with banning of tricycles for reasons of crime. Have you ever sat down to analyze the effect of one Government decision? Let’s leave that for another day.The real persons to be banned or punished for increase in crime are the security agencies who are not doing their Paid jobs not the hustling citizens who have to fend for themselves as though they have no government.

We have a responsibility to demand a better life from our leaders before all our smartest minds will migrate to overseas and never come back.

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