September Celebrities..

In a bid to encourage the culture of Celebrating People while they are yet alive to feel the motivation, Great Values BLOG has started the CELEBRITY COLUMN….

Each month our team will Celebrate with some persons who declared interest.

We will also have a chat or conduct an online interview with them so we get to feel their thoughts.

So,… Our CELEBRITY RollCall For the month September starts with….

Helen Baralatei Ayes.

A little about Helen:

Her name is Helen Bralatei Ayes, also known as Helen B. she hails from Southern Ijaw LGA of Bayelsa State..

Though she was not born with a disability, she became disabled after she suffered a severe back illness at the tender age of Ten. But right now she feels very motivated like every ‘normal’ person.

She is the last child in a family of five children.

Hear her…

Educationally, I won’t say that I’m an illiterate but I was not given the best education the way I thought it should have been, because of how rejected I was.

I found the strength to accept my self and move on because despite the rejection from men, God has not rejected me.

I kept on Pressing harder, believing that I will one day fulfil my God-given Destiny!

I started doing music from a very young age. The more I faced rejection, the more I found the reason to stay committed to my music until now. And now I have become very effective and energized to sing and write more lyrics.

I want everyone in the world to be healed and to believe in themselves because of my testimony and through the Lyrics of the Songs that God has given to me.

I want the whole world to see through me, that there is hope and that there is ability in disability.