In today’s world where broken relationships and marriages are the order of the day, it is important to draw attention to one sure way of keeping and maintaining your relationship. Whether it is official or unofficial, most relationships have a sweet beginning; I call them sweet foundational memories. They are the initial past occurrences that gave the relationship its form, depth, and capacity to grow.

Some relationships started when two people met themselves for the first time. It may not have been their first time of seeing each other; but that moment in time when they begin to see themselves as man and woman is the start of something special and beautiful. From that moment, things progress to some form of acquaintanceship. It soon evolves into friendship. And then enter the lovers’ stage before long.

Those beautiful memories made during these periods are vital parts that give the relationship a firm base or solid platform to stand upon through thick and thin. These foundational memoires are pointers, light shedders, reference points, and reminders of the precious past of beautiful memories two once people shared.

When things go sour in the relationship, it is time to look back; it is time to go down memory lane and draw strength from there in tackling present challenges and difficulties.
Challenges and unpleasant situations are only a passing phase; that is the reason this topic will remain relevant because humans tend to forget the beautiful past when their present become rough. The truth is that people do not develop amnesia during hard times but fail to put their pleasant past into consideration when making decisions in the present.

Make it a point of duty to remember your pleasant past during trying times; it is a good culture worthy of emulation. This is what will make you become a relationship keeper and maintainer. It is very easy to go into a relationship but the difficulty lies in its maintenance.

Tough times bring about a cocktail of emotions: anger, regrets, pain, illusion, paranoia, etc. These feelings might cause you to develop amnesia regarding your beautiful solid past. But this is when you must put on your brave and fighting spirit. You must fight the feeling of giving up; plus, the temptations of going after illusions and fantasies.

There is no life without problems and challenges. Those who are more comfortable face bigger challenges sometimes; especially when money cannot solve their problems or their problems require all the wealth they have in order to go away permanently. Talking about such matters are encouraging to some extent.

It is like reminding the man without shoes that another has no legs. He feels sorry for that person but soon remembers his need for shoes to lead a more comfortable life which everyone desires.
This is the reason an unwavering resolution and patience should be your mindset during trying times. It is called facing trying times with a positive mindset. It is telling yourself that you will get through your situation and come out victorious in the end.

Life is for the living and life full of challenges. Living in itself is for the emotionally strong. Strength is not bought in a market; it is earned by going through challenges with a positive mindset and getting all the goodness stored inside of it.

Challenges are like goodness put inside a strong box; to give up after trying to open it several times means forfeiting the goodness still locked inside it. But trying consistently with determination will build up your patience and emotional stamina; these are vital ingredients that build up your maturity level.

Going through the process of that tough situation with this mindset will gradually make you stronger and ready for higher challenges that come with greater rewards. This is the hard truth about life; which is indeed a bed of roses. There are the sweet smelling as well as the thorny parts. These thorns are no joke; they prick and cause bleeding.

Life is about putting blood and sweat into worthy ventures to get beautiful fruits in the end. Even those who have favors or great opportunities handed to them must still work tirelessly if they must succeed and remain successful.

So looking back to the topic: Sweet Beginnings of a Relationships; it is the duty of both partners to consider their beautiful past during tough time. Remember the times when your partner made you smile and laugh straight from the heart.

Do not forget the times your partner dried your tears in many ways than one. Keep in mind the times your partner went above and beyond to grant your utmost desires. Reflect with deep appreciation the times your partner was the warmest covering you needed from this cold and cruel world. Hold dear to your heart the times you had only your partner’s shoulder to lean on in a world full of unreliable people.

Do not develop amnesia regarding the times your partner stood as your biggest fan and gave you maximum support in all your life endeavors.
These kinds of memories make you overlook some of your partner’s flaws or mistakes. It aids you in helping your partner become a better version of himself or herself.

Such memories give you a reason to listen with the intention of deducing where things went wrong. These sweet memories of your beautiful pasts spur you to give the relationship a fighting chance that it definitely deserves.
In subsequent postings, I will talk about how to trace what went wrong with your once beautiful relationship

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This post is contributed by a guest author and a special friend of mine Chinwe Adanta.

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  1. The foundation of our relationship is very important,when we have to tell our children (how i meat ur dad or mum)it always interesting when u tell ur kids or friend about how u started ur relationship,so our foundation is important when building a relationship that will lead to marriage. Thank u Sir

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