I know a couple that cannot boast of a month without an issue. Every month they must some misunderstandings and it will lead to high voltage quarrels and fights. It some times leads to Temporary Separations between them.

For twelve years that I have known them as a couple, they have been separated more than twelve times. Their quarrels are uncountable. The fights are like WWF; it has seasons.

They fight for any imaginable reason as though fighting is their hubby. People have stopped interfering in their matter because they will implicate their peacemakers while settling themselves.

But one amazing thing about this two mysterious lovers is that no matter the degree of the fight, they keep coming back to each other.

I also know couples that are not so violent with each other but within the space of three years they have gone their separate ways. Yes they had a few quarrels, maybe a slap or two, but they couldn’t hold it together again and off they go…

Humanly speaking I would never have believed that the violent family will still be together just like I never believed the less violent family will septate themselves. But such is life.

what can break relationship A may not break relationship B and vice versa. No two relationships are the same.

there must be something that helps each relationship to click. There is something that makes a relationship go through hell and high waters and still survive. It is different in different relationship Scenerios. Different strokes for different folks.

Most people think that Love is what makes relationships click while some suggest that it is high powered SEX that can make a woman remain despite the flaws. Some feel it’s the regular flow of money while others feel it’s the syndrome of “what will people say”?.

Let’s assume we are in the class that says love is the reason.. I have some questions to ask.

My dear what is love?
how do you know you love someone?
how do you know someone loves you?
did you learn about love or you experienced it?
who taught you about love or how did you experience it?
so what is your own specific personal definition of love?

As beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so love is according to the definer.

Meanwhile if you can, answer any of the above questions.. it will help us all. Just post your answers in the comment section.

I think that there are no Rules for a relationship to survive. All we have are guidelines. Because what works here may not work there. Just follow your heart.

If you want your relationship to work find out what works your partner and tell your partner what works you.

For example, I read a book a long time ago where a couple ran to their pastor to help them end their marriage that they were both tired of each other and wanted to go their separate ways.

Meanwhile the pastor was about leaving his office to catch a flight to preach in a major program in another city. So there was no time for normal counseling basics so he did this…

The pastor turned to the woman and asked her what is that one thing you need most right now and she said “money” then he turned to the man ands asked what is that thing he needed most, the man said “sex“.

So he said to the woman “go home and get naked” and wait for your husband then to the man he said “get to the bank and get her some money” and go home and settle. They settled their matter amicably.

There is a key that unlocks the heart of your partner, find it and use it.

Thanks for reading..

We await your comments so that we can build more teachings to help your family.