Women and Money

The relationship between women and money is something I cannot really explain. And I don’t think any man living or dead can explain it. Women just like money!!!

Someone said ‘A man’s money is our money while a woman’s money is her money’. Is this statement really true? Do women really have a secret attachment with money?

They say the way to a man’s heart is food and sex (though I don’t fully agree) but what is the way to a woman’s heart? Could it be money, love, sex or all of the above?

Can money be used to judge whether a woman is good or bad? Do ‘good’ women react to money differently from ‘bad’ women? Or are all women the same when it comes to money?

What do women do with their money? When will women agree that it’s enough? Or do they just like to be in charge of money?

Listen to the following story

A certain woman who has three children in a school cunningly refused to pay their fees for the first term claiming that the husband who works in the rig has not sent the money.

Because of her status, the school administrator believed her knowing fully well that she was capable. By the end of the term, she had not still paid the money but she was still building up different beautiful stories to cover up.

This woman continued with her beautiful stories till the third term. Not knowing that the husband had given her the complete money from the first term and the wife diverted the money for whatever purpose.

The truth came out when the school sent the children back home for non payment of fees and the children spoke to their father on phone asking for their school fees.. you can guess the rest of the story.

Why did the woman withhold the money? Are we saying that the husband who works in the rig, lives in a duplex and drives select cars does not give her money for house keeping? Was she using the money to support her private business? If she had asked her husband for money to do business wouldn’t he had given it to her? Or does she have some sharp sharp runs that she was trying to fund that didn’t work out?

Here is another story

Another woman whose children were changed from one school to another was still collecting the same amount for school fees (like the previous school) from her husband.

Whereas the new school was far cheaper than the first school. The husband was not aware and this continued for a few years. One day the husband just felt like visiting the children’s school and make the payments at once instead of getting home to send the wife. Then the secret was revealed.

To his amazement, the school gave him a bill far lower than what he had been paying. He was confused and decided to call the wife over to the school for clarifications. You can guess the rest of the story.

What do women do with money? How much can be enough for a woman? Why do women like to hide money? Or are they knowingly saving the money for the raining day?

I would appreciate if some women can comment on this post. Perhaps we may find out they are not wrong after all.

I can guess that women use Money to feel complete. Because most women feel incomplete hence they need a lot of attachments before they come out to the public. Examples of attachments include;

1. They attach to their hair

2. They attach extra holes to their ears

3. They extract from their eye brows

4. They attach eye lashes to their eyes

5. They attach contact lenses

6. They attach extra holes to their noses

7. They colour their faces and lips with layers of makeups

8. Before they used to add shoulder pads

9. Some add breast pads

10. Some wear shapers to tuck in their fatty Tommy

11. Some add buttocks assists both physically and chemically.

12. Some add hips enhancers

13. They will still add to their fingernails and toenails

And lastly,

14. They will attach height by wearing hilly shoes.

Just for fun, the budget of Nigeria will not be enough for a woman. Meanwhile I have not added wears to the attachments listed above oh..

Women want to wear all shades of all colours with shoes, bags and gele to match. But isn’t that what makes them beautiful and irresistible? Isn’t that the part that pulls the attention of men?.

Well this discussion is open for your contribution.