One of the greatest enemies of love relationship is familiarity. We love each other but begin to take each other for granted.

The proposal as been made and accepted then everything begin to wind down. The affection, attention and communication begin to reduce but we still claim that everything is alright.

How can everything be alright when we have stopped doing ALL that is RIGHT? Both genders are guilty of this!

When your attention drops from what you use to do at the beginning of your relationship into something else, you are killing the relationship little by little.

If you don’t maintain your relationship then you will murder it. You use to call multiple times daily but now you hardly call yet you claim there is nothing wrong.

You use to take each other’s correction and complain seriously but now you don’t care because you tag such correction and complain as nagging, yet you still claim that there is nothing wrong with your relationship.

You use to discuss your plans and thoughts together but now you are a lone ranger. You travel from Lagos to Abuja for a week and when you are confronted, all you say is “Sorry, I forgot to tell you”. Still you insist that your relationship is as strong as it use to be.

In those days when you meet each other you both have a lot of things to gist about. To the extent that you don’t know that you have spent the whole day talking nothing without even thinking of eating.

But now, you sit and don’t have anything to say, because you are busy with your phones. Staying in touch with strangers yet the person beside you is begging for your attention. But you will still insist that nothing is wrong with your relationship.

It’s so sad that when you started this relationship, you always meet to pray about your future and marriage. But after you ate the forbidden “fruit” you don’t have time for all that again.

Each time you meet the next thing to do is jump on bed to have sex. In your mind you claim to be making love but you are simply having fornication.

Despite the fact that you don’t pray again you won’t still accept that something is wrong with your relationship.

Before now your partner can tell you “I don’t like this cloth. Go and change it” you won’t complain or make any excuse but now, you will insist that that is what you want to wear.Despite all these you still believe that all is well with your relationship?

You have gotten too familiar that you don’t see anything wrong in raising your voice at your partner. You that will be quick to cry when you are expressing how sorry you are before, now “you don’t give a damn”. And you still believe that nothing has affected your relationship?

If you continue like this and you push it into marriage then be ready for marital crisis

Familiarity drains love.
Familiarity leads to disrespect.
Familiarity leads to “less concern”.
Familiarity will make you familiar strangers.

Go back to your source and make your relationship what it use to be.If your relationship will move to the next level, then you MUST sit to discuss how to retain RESPECT, AFFECTION, ATTENTION and COMMUNICATION.

Don’t assume everything will be alright if you aren’t *doing* what will make everything to be alright.

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