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Number one lie about High Blood Pressure


I am not a Doctor but I have mingled with a few Doctors. And if there is anything I have come to know about being an African it’s that Doctors are precious (expensive).

Growing up in the 20th century, it was every family’s dream to have a Doctor among their children. Do you know why?

Maintaining a good Health, till date, is very expensive and almost unachievable for most families. So having a doctor in the family was viewed as an easy way to have all our medical fears assuaged.

Therefore the children that wanted to study medical sciences in the University were treated with more respect.

But It’s no longer like that now in Africa. Not that medicine is no longer precious, but many other courses of learning have equaled or overtaken medicine in the level of importance. But doctors are still precious.

Now Because of the cost of good health many people are looking for short cuts to access treatments for themselves.

In this part of the world, tradomedical practises have increased in the past few years and it was encouraged because it started as a cheaper and better alternative to English medicine.


All my life I have always known that THINKING is the cause of high blood pressure. I used to think that all the people with high BP are old persons that were always thinking and getting themselves worked up. But that was not the truth.

The reason I am writing this piece of information is that till now health Care is still on the high side and most Africans only get to a hospital when they are critically down. The majority of us cannot just wake up and go to a hospital unless we are in an emergency. Meanwhile if we ever went for check up earlier, we would have seen that prevention is better that incurring more costs in treatment.

Many of us still prefer to listen to other person’s opinion instead of listening to the professionals. So if you can’t afford or listen to a doctor, listen to me now because I listened to a doctor.

Pics by our model, KWEEN ELFRIDA


A few months after my 40th birthday, I observed each time I climbed up a hill or did something strainous I would feel my heart beat harder and I would be gasping for breadth. This experience happens even when I am having sexual intercourse with my wife.

Classic me, my reaction to any situation is that of a pastor. I command my body to behave and after some hard breaths, it will subside and I will resume whatever I was doing. My thought life is always perfect. I don’t fear and I don’t worry but my heart was getting weaker and I didn’t know.

One early morning, on my way to lead prayers in church, I felt my heart skip but I commanded it to behave. Little did I know that my heart was packing up.

As I boarded a tricycle to the church, that was the end of my consciousness. No one knew I had slumped, all they saw was that I fell of when the tricycle (Keke) hit a road bump. And for some minutes I was just unconsciously spread out on the floor. Thank God I gained consciousness later. And I was rushed to the hospital.

The doctor said my BP was very high. So you can imagine the rude shock that greeted me when the doctor told me that my blood pressure was high.

I boldly told the doctor that it was not possible because I was sure that my thought life was very healthy. I read the Bible and I am very positive about every situation that I encounter as such I was in complete control of my thoughts.

Even when I encounter a discouraging situation, I am always positive. Yeah I was a practising Christian and the word teaches a lot about renewing our minds and the things we should not think about

The doctor figured how surprised I was to hear about my blood pressure so she made it clearer that “Your thoughts (whether positive or negative) does not determine your blood pressure. Instead the type of food you eat and the activities you involve in is what controls your blood pressure.

So why did it take me this long to figure it out? Why was I thinking that thoughts control BP? I had never checked my BP before even my blood sugar. That day at the hospital changed my whole life.

To control the BP and the blood sugar, I was placed on a strict diet. I didn’t like it but I was face to face with death so I had to comply.

The worst meal was the tasteless Quaker oats I had to take every morning just to take care of the excess cholesterol that was in my body from all the food I have been eaten.

We all enjoy food and some of the enjoyment Is detrimental to us but because we don’t have access to medical knowledge and care, we don’t know.


I was placed on serious drugs along with the diet. In the strict diet, there was no space for red meat, no use of oil, no garri, rice, yam, ripe plantain, so you wonder what is left for me to eat. It was not palatable but it saved my life.

And it can save your life too.

When last did you check your BP

What last did you check your blood sugar?

Thinking does not increase BP. Your major problem is in what you eat and how you live..

Thanks for reading!!!

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