Celebrity Post

Great values blog has decided to Celebrate with our esteemed Subscribers as they achieve great milestones in their lives…

Let the cameras roll as we celebrate Mrs. Ipamo Jamabo as she marks her 30th Birthday Celebration.

And we had a little chat with her to get her reflections as she turns 30.

Hear her:

How are you feeling today?

Ans: awesome! I am so excited.. so Happy to see another birthday. Especially because this birthday is a phenomenal one.

How old were you when you got married?

Ans: Yeah I was 21 years old when I got married. People will say I was too young but life offers you ladders and when you are ready, you climb them.

If you have to do it again will you still marry early?


Ans: Yes.. over and over again..

How many children do you have now?

Ans: four lovely kids; Mabel, Michelle, Oprah and Williams.

How many more will we be expecting?Ans: we’re done my dear..

We heard you didn’t like the idea of marrying a pastor so why did you finally marry one?

Ans: hahahahaha… Let’s leave that for another day…

How do you cope with being a mother and being a pastor’s wife?Ans: it’s not easy but learnt from the best (My Mum)..

What are your hobbies?

Ans: Singing and dancing (even if I don’t have a good voice), eating..lol cooking.. taking pictures..

What are you personal plans for the next couple of years, will you join your husband in ministry or will you continue with your business?

Ans: I have no choice, I am married to him so I have to help him fulfill his vision. But I also do my own private business of sales and supplies of house hold consumables to support the family. I wouldn’t mind working…

What do you miss by being a pastor’s wife?

Ans: hahahahaha.. I miss some types of parties, drinking.. you know as a normal young lady I used to drink before I met my husband and I stopped some months after our marriage because I was not having any motivation to continue.. pastor was influencing me


You are so beautiful.. do you think pastor was attracted because of your beauty?

Ans: No.. because I was not as beautiful then.. and for some reasons pastor was eager to get married so he was not really concerned about my beauty.. he was just very ready and I followed.. infact it was after some months in the marriage, (when I started adding some weight) that he began admiring me like he was just seeing me…

What advise will you give to ladies that are your age and above but are yet to be married?

Ans: there is time for everything.. their time will come.. they should not give up because if they give up.. it will make them feel bad and depressed.

Are you considering modeling?

Ans: I don’t have the legs and the shape for it except they will take me for just ‘Face Modeling’ and talking about face modeling, I have done a few.. and I don’t mind doing more that is if pastor will agree oh…. Lol

Are your daughters as beautiful as you or…And: of course they are and when they get to my age, they will know more if I am more beautiful than them or they are more beautiful than me…