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Mad men on the L.O.O.S.E -a best selling post..

These old men that hold unto power indefinitely without making any reasonable impact on the Continent of Africa are they Normal? Are their campaigners Normal?

These men that profess love for a woman and do everything to marry her only to break up within Five years are they Normal?

These men police men that keeps ripping of innocent citizens while turning a blind eye to the real criminals are they normal?

Recent happenings in all spheres of human relations and interactions have made me to ask some serious questions about the Mental Stability of a lot of men in leadership positions around the world.

From the power drunk and extremely Corrupt Politicians in Africa to the Racist Police officers that knelt on George Floyd’s neck till the died giving the world a new phrase-I can’t breathe.

From the world leaders that were ‘allegedly’ complacent with the ‘lab production’ and spread of the covid 19 to the intense hunger virus in Africa that no one is paying attention to.

Several recent activities has made me to think that a lot of people in charge of the affairs of this world are Mentally Unstable. So I can call it the Mad20 Virus.

Who is a mad man? The dictionary defines madness as;

mentally disturbed; deranged; insane; demented.

mentally disturbed; deranged; insane; demented.

enraged; greatly provoked or

irritated; angry.

Who is a mad man?
On a scale of 1-10, the naked, violent and mentally deranged man or woman we see on our roads and dump sites are Mad on level 10. They are at the top of the level of madness: eating rotten food from the dust bins, sleeping under the bridges, walking naked from one end of the city to another end, loosing their senses of people, places and things.

Who is a mad man? A mad man is a man that is mentally unstable. He is well dressed, still working or running a business, can still drive but he is mentally unstable. Can even be a President or Governor but is unstable mentally. He can even be a doctor, professor or teacher but he is mentally unstable.

Mental instability of the smallest level is still madness and if not checked, will develop into a higher level of madness.

There are mad people that are not on level 10. They are on 6, 5, 4,.. till 1. They have not gotten naked but they are mad.

My passionate appeal to all that wants to get married in this present world economy is that they do a mental assessment of themselves and their partners to prepare for eventualities because ‘madness’ is on the rise..

Are you sure that madness has levels? I am not a psychiatrist and I don’t need one to be able to know that madness is in levels. Have you heard someone say “I will be mad at you”. That is the smallest level of it and many people casually exhibit it daily.

What factors are responsible for madness?

DRUG ABUSE: drugs like marijuana, cocaine, etc are very useful medically but an abuse of them can cause mental instability.

UNCONTROLLABLE ANGER: anger is not bad but when it’s unreasonable, irrational, and prolonged it can lead to mental instability.

How else do you explain when a man who claims to over his wife, lets anger get the best of him and beats his ‘loving’ wife and children and subject them untold hardship. Do you know that some persons are currently thinking if how to undo their spouses?

INTENSE POVERTY: when someone is poor and there is no hope for help coming up, the pain and anxiety can lead someone to mental instability.

When needs are rising geometrically and you have a nagging wife at home, and an unreasonable landlord, you are almost there.

DEPRESSION of all sorts can lead to mental instability.

There are so many other things that can cause mental instability. It’s funny but recently on facebook, I saw a marriage list that was as if the girls father wanted to establish a and it can destabilize a man that is already weak minded.

The heat of the sun in Nigeria, combined with the lawlessness of our law enforcement agencies has made many drivers mentally unstable. It is an established fact that more than half of the drivers are mad while on steering.

There is this story of a man who had a very bad day on the road. Only to be stopped by road safety agents because his vehicle didn’t have all the…

He pleaded with them that today has been too bad but they didn’t respond. So he decided, since they don’t want to be considerate, to let everything be destroyed at once.

He pulled all his clothes, opened his car boot, brought out a keg of fuel, poured some on himself and attempted to pour the officers but they all ran away for their lives. He carried matches, with the keg and chased them while he was still naked. And it happened in a busy place.

Prolonged Acute Pain can cause mental instability. Heartbreak from a lover can cause mental instability. Excess learning too can cause it. The list is endless.

The Need For MENTAL CHECK-UP: mental check-up should be compulsory. People that work in public offices should be made to have regular compulsory mental evaluations. Especially Political office holders.

Use of hard drugs should be banned and Govt officials should be thoroughly monitored because they are the most likely to offend.

Mental Check-ups should be free or very cheap so that people can afford it because it has be very necessary for everyone to be evaluated regularly.

Mental Check-up should also be compulsory for people who want to get married because the rate of home breakage these days is so alarming.

Religious leaders, teachers and lecturers too should be evaluated because they are the silent influencers of the populace.

As we renew driver’s licence every three to five years, we should also renew mental license so that our world would be a safer place.

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