REGRETS: What to do about your Regrets..

Yes you thought it would happen but it didn’t just happen.. then you missed the chance a lifetime. Maybe you missed the opportunity to become that person of your imaginations and Now you are filled with REGRETS..

You are not alone, we are many on that route. I am there too. I can’t seem to come to terms with the fact that I took a decision after Secondary School that made me to miss out on becoming a Medical Doctor. A decision for which my family still feels bad till date.. so I regret it..

When you think you would have been better doing something else or staying/working somewhere else or dating/gotten married to someone else..

You are haunted by Regrets.

We all are… In one area or another..

See, Regret is inevitable! Dwelling on it is the bad side.

You can do something positive..

Over time people have channelled their regrets to become a useful motivation to get a better life. You can do that too if you want.

One reason why You regret is because perhaps you know better now. So if you were always this wise, you would not have made those RUSHED DECISIONS.. we are all there with you.

Maybe You also regret because you cannot really roll back the hands of time and change those ego centered decisions.

My advise is… Right now.. Let by gone be by gone. Let past be past. But learn from it.

Meanwhile, If you do nothing about your now… You may regret again in the nearest future. So, start working on your now.

Thoroughly Check out the decisions you are about to make now..

Check them over and over to avoid more regrets in future.

Decisions about your love life, your staying or leaving that job or business, your having more children because you needed a male child, your leaving or staying in that church or that neighborhood, your keeping or selling that property. So many things to decide one.

Ultimately, we are as good as our decisions.

Making decisions is never easy. But I can give you a clue that will help you.

In all your decisons, consider your happiness, Decide to be happy. Don’t ever out anyone before you. It’s your decision, the ball is your court.

make it work this time.

Nothing works on its own: people make things work. Whether it’s Relationships, Jobs, Businesses, it will work because people make them work.

Then after your decision, DAMN IT and make your decision work..

There is nothing that is so good that cannot be bad and nothing so bad that cannot be good.

Before leaving him/her you thought you’ve had it to your neck and you were going for good.. so…

Then why the regret?

Because you didn’t see all the sides..
Now the next person has another type of devil you didn’t know about..
So you prefer the first devil?..

The problem is with you now..

You want life on a platter of gold..
It’s not possible.. Never possible.
Work it out now to prevent more REGRETS.

Leave what you didn’t become
Be what you are now. Regrets will lead to regression.
Think forward.

Thanks for reading

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