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Man Hunting- Relationship Advise For Ladies Above 40

You know who a hunter is???? A man (or woman) who goes after an animal with an intention to take or kill it for food or any other economic reason.

When the word ‘Hunt’ is used in relation to a job it means someone who is seriously looking for a job.

In the context of this write up, I am using the phrase Man-hunting to refer to a situation where a woman really needs a man in her life and she is willing to go some extra miles like a real life hunter just to get what she wants.

When a single woman has crossed a certain age (say 40) her need for a man to call her own intensifies because it’s getting clearer by the day that the probability to attract and keep her choice man is becoming slim.

In this post I will like to help some single ladies by teaching them how to hunt a man; not for a kill but for keeps. The post will be broken into two Sessions;

Session one is about cleaning up your self from every past failure, pains, mistakes and regrets

The reason is because if you keep remembering your past issues, they will

1. sap your energy and set you back

2. Make you want to blame the people and things that are in your past

3. Make you have hate or unforgiveness

4. Make you suspect new and genuine persons that come your way

5. Make you ultimately feel that God has been unfair to you

All these are not helping you so we have to purge the past from you and go straight to the solutions.

How do we purge the past!???

1. Accept that you were fully or partly responsible for everything that happened wrongly in your past failed relationships.. because you were not forced.. and if you were wiser you may have made better decisions

2. Accept that your mistakes has consequences and the consequences have made you learn life the hard way .. hence you will not repeat those mistakes again..

3. Accept that though you made mistakes, your mistakes has benefits, not only for you but for a lot of persons that will learn from your story.

Then switch your mind to your gains.. no matter how bad your life is, it must have some gains

Marriage has not worked out well for you but it’s very possible some other aspects of your life has worked out well.. find those areas that worked and celebrate your life..

Refuse to let the devil and people summarize your beautiful life because of marriage delays..

Do you have a job? Celebrat it

Are you healthy? Celebrate it

Do you have skills? Celebrate it

Are you educated? Celebrate it

I am sure you are beautiful (and I really mean this one) celebrate it

You must have made friend and colleagues that you can rely on? Celebrate it

You have experienced God in all of this? Celebrate it

Do you have children? Celebrate them

There are many things that you have achieved that you can celebrate your self and thank God for

Now if you this therapy it will change your thoughts from the thoughts of a victim to the thoughts of a victorious person.

Just counting your blessings will give you so much strength and value.

And I want you to know that People can’t exploit a woman that knows her value

Stop seeing yourself as a hopeless woman looking for a man to spark up her life. You are a woman of value that is living life to the fullest with or without a man.

There are men out there that are looking for women of value like you

Therefore you can’t give yourself out anymore to any man that does not see your value. It’s not dignified for you to have all these value and fall cheap for any man..

From now onwards, when ever you encounter people, Market your values and not your pains..

When people encounter you they may or may not know your values..

But when you start talking you give off yourself. So market your values and not your weaknesses

As long as you are looking forward you cannot be looking backwards at the same time.

Except you have questions,

this will be the end of Session one

Thanks for reading

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Special thanks to a friend of over twenty years, Mrs Fanny Mac-Ake for modeling for Great Values blog

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