PROSTITUTES & STREET HAWKERS – the harsh realities of a bad leadership

My continent Africa is truly blessed. So blessed in mineral and human resources that all other continents still depend on us (or steal from us) for survival.Our climate too is so superb that other Continents frequent our shores for vacation. Hardly do we experience the extreme weather that other Continents suffer.

But Africa is so badly managed by our Visionless and Wicked Leaders to the point that most young Africans would prefer to live and die abroad. I also wanted to go to the UK this year if not for the pandemic. The reason for the migration is the continuous Bad leadership in Africa that holds the whole continent down in mediocrity.

Some of the young persons that migrated oversees ended up making so much progress that you begin to think if they were the same persons that were languishing in Africa.There is nothing as sweet as your Government living up to their responsibilities. But unfortunately Africa may never witness responsible Leadership till the next fifty years.Everyday in Africa, we wake up to the harsh realities of bad leadership and today I want to salute the real heroes in Africa. The people who have been disadvantaged by default because of continuous bad leadership and yet they still struggle to make ends meet through unconventional ways.

The Prostitutes!

The picture you get when you hear the word prostitute doesn’t tell the whole truth about them. And before you judge me, please read with an open mind. And also try to read for development.Prostitution is an immoral and undignified way to live. No one will ever agree to be related or connected with a prostitute.Religion is against them but Religion forgets to fight the real devil that left them almost without alternatives for survival.But go to the slums and see sixteen year olds with babies and you will ask yourself what is the future of these babies?If the young mother had a better government, chances are that she may have had better opportunities.Perhaps the problem started from her own parents, many of whom had no hope for a better living condition talkless of affordable education for their children.I know there are a select few who despite this bad leadership still pulls through to still get a life with some dignity (and I salute their courage) but we all don’t have equal resolve to make it against all odds.So some of us crack at the slightest pressure. And instead of dying without a try, they succumb to the lesser levels of life just to keep feeding and living. Till better life comes through better leadership.

I salute all prostitutes

Atleast they are using their bodies not using other people’s bodies like our leaders are using other people’s wealth for their selfish interest.Perhaps she doesn’t have an education or she doesn’t have a good job. The economy has never been favourable to the citizens. So she decided to use what she had to get what she wanted.I am a pastor but I can’t condemn a girl who decided to survive through prostitution. I will rather condemn the bad leadership that has plunged Africa in this ETERNAL PANDEMIC.Here in Africa prostitution is a career. It’s not done for pleasure but for survival. Since she is not trained enough to get a job (because even the graduates are not having jobs), what else will she do?Every night this same bad leaders have their scouts hang around our university premises to fish out polished prostitutes-undergraduate girls. Girls who were supposed to be studying for their future now see these leaders as the way to fend for their schooling and possibly start up businesses because their future even with their degrees is still bleak.Prostitutes are one of the real hustlers in Africa. I Know that some of them will never change if given better opportunities but there are some that will change.

I SALUTE STREET HAWKERS.. they are part of my REAL hustlers.

These ones wake up every morning to hawk products and services under rain and sun and all the government does for them is to TAX them and make life more horrible for them by closing markets without alternative arrangements.When next you celebrate heroes don’t ever mention these thieves that rule us in Africa but mention the poor masses who against all odds struggle to survive.Some wash cars to survive. Some wash just windshields of cars on e high way to survive. Some sell gala and soft drinks. All sorts of things are hawked. And some hawk till late nights just to make ends meet. Yet we have a government?These are the real heroes because Instead of folding their hands to complain they are working. The government they voted in cannot help them yet they are striving. Some of them hustle to train themselves or their children in schools that do not guarantee any future.Please join me to salute the courage and resilience of these true HUSTLERS. Help me salute their extraordinary will to live on.

A revolution is coming soon to Africa. A generation is emerging that will demand good governance.

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