BEYONCE Knowles Carter- the most endowed black woman I have seen.

I am surely not expecting everyone to agree with my judgement that Beyonce is the most endowed black woman ever. After all many people also doubt reputable groups like the ones that organise the Miss World, Grammy, Oscar and Big Brother.

But if you read through the post you will likely join me to loud it that she is indeed the most fortunate and most endowed woman. Honestly she has a lot going for her.

She has won more than 20 Grammy awards yet she is still very humble. Infact too humble for a celebrity of her Calibre.

Many musicians will walk on other people’s heads if they could achieve just one Grammy in a lifetime talk less of half a dozen Grammys.

Her beauty will require a professional writer (not me) to describe; perfect face, catching eyes, perfectly curved body, good height, gold colour skin, charming perfect dentition that creates an illuminating smile, perfect sized ‘breasts’ and ‘butts’.. excellent beauty for a Celebrity. Beauty that doesn’t need make-ups. Yet she is so humble. Some ladies will kill to have half of her looks. And I think God has favorites because she is just so perfect bodily.


Everyone in the world has talents but some talents are more obvious than others. Beyonce is super talented.

1. She is over endowed as a musician: A Great singer, A great song writer, an extremely talented dancer. Note that any one of these three talents can make one a superstar but she has all of it and more. Now it’s obvious that God has favorites and Beyonce is one of them.


Despite having the obvious talents of music, she has also done very well starring for some Hollywood blockbuster.. wow… see talent overload.. see endowment. She is truly lucky isn’t she?

My best part: she is happily married.

In a world where 90% of female celebrities can not keep a date talk less of a marriage, Beyonce is happily married. this means women can still be at their best in career and business and still be humble wives.


At a time when clash of egos has made it impossible for Celebrities to stay married, Beyonce has maintained a loving sweet marriage relationship with another ‘A’ class musician for several years. This is definitely something to praise her for.

Every relationship and marriage has it’s storms but only a determined couple will be able to look for positives and keep going against all odds. Beyonce and JayZ have had their fair share of marital issues like others but they chose to keep it locked.. kudos to them!!! Their marriage shows there is still hope.

And I decided to write this piece about Beyonce because many people especially women and girls need role models to look up to. To all the young ladies that desire to go far with their careers, you can achieve stardom with your family intact- like Beyonce.

Life hardly gives you enough; most times no matter how complete someone is, there tends to be an obvious area of need or lack in everyone’s life and story. People always tend to have an area of lack but I have not seen any obvious area of lack in Beyonce..

She is a mother

She is even a mother of children and I guess her children will be so blessed to have such a complete creature to be the one to raise them.

She acknowledges God

I watched one of her videos and saw that after the concert she put her team together and led them in prayers and the prayers were in Jesus name.

My quiet wish for her

I am quietly thinking that one day, before she leaves this world, she will put up a Gospel Album and it will be so okay. Wow.. such album will be something else.

She speaks well too

Some super talented people are not be able to speak in public. Some are terribly shy like most sportsmen and they stutter while speaking in public but Beyonce is so intelligent that speaks her mind in public without scripts. Her talks are even Motivational. Like you need to hear a clip of hers every morning and it will inspire you.

She is rich

Some rich people attained their riches by getting married to a rich husband but Beyonce was Rich already as an artist before getting married to another super rich black guy Mr Carter (JayZ).

She still works hard

Her level of wealth before getting married can make some persons retire and have a good life. But she is still working hard till date. And due to the hardworking nature of her husband and her, they have gotten even richer as a couple and that should be to their credit considering how musicians go broke easily.

Bottom line is as a woman you should not lower your expectation on yourself because to your beauty.

You can add character, industry, family and become a model for other women to emulate.

You can be be that complete woman others will look up to.

I have done my due diligence in searching for a woman that is more endowed and I am still searching.

Till I find another, join me and celebrate the most endowed woman on earth- BEYONCE KNOWLES CARTER…..

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