Born in Africa! Is it a crime or a mistake?

Before now, whenever I can’t sleep, I give myself to creative thinking. Sometimes I pray to my God and a fewer times I read.

But of late I give myself to studying; studying what regular schools cannot teach. Studying how to be relevant to my part of the world. Studying by the help of the internet. Studying how life as we know it is evolving to a global village. Study.. study… Study…

For some years now my meditation has been centered on the outdated Educational System that wastes the Potentials of the African youth.

As a person, I hated the idea of doing University in Africa because African education was predictable. African education is narrow and wastes intellectuals. African education is more about memorising and hardly about creativity.

But I still attended one university here and confirmed all my fears. The whole system was about getting a graduation paper/certificate while memorising what Peter Drucker said so many years ago. No creativity.. no additions.. nothing new.

And it will remain like this till new colonial masters (China) orders a change because we have no will power to change.

I recently had a Career Counseling Session for students in SSS1 to enable them choose their subjects and courses to do in the university and it was not easy. There is a problem with our educational system and many people are not aware of.

Does Medicine, Law & Engineering still move our children now like it moved us then? Are there no better paying Careers now?

To my amazement, medicine, law and engineering are still very important to our students.

Is it that these students don’t know what is in Vogue or they are too young to see that Nigerian Universities cannot do much or are their parents not also updated.

Don’t they watch TV? Don’t they browse the internet?

Meanwhile do they even have a choice? Is the Government helping? Is the Governments even aware that the educational system it’s students are using Is good for nothing in this present world?

Didn’t we learn anything from the covid 19? How that the rest of the world were proactive and Africa was reacting?

Guidance & Counseling Sessions in Secondary Schools are still very RELEVANT but needs to be Upgraded to accommodate new careers that are trending now.

Doctors and Engineers which were the top of careers then are been replaced gradually by technology.

In the real world (I meant Western world actually), Updated people are creating new technologies that are outdating other people and Africa is still stuck with the norms of 40 years ago.

Africa thrives in trivial matters but falls short where it matters most.

We used the products produced by the most advanced technologies of the world but we don’t strive to have, learn or own such technology for ourselves… Shame

We use the Newest phones, cars, laptops and household electronics. But we still hold on to the oldest system of leadership, oldest curriculum in schools, worst type of constitution and judicial system, outdated business and financial policy making systems. Oldest election methods that mostly produce old outdated Presidents.

I had a chat with an engineering graduate who told me that they are still studying Fortran in Nigerian Universities. Meanwhile our WAEC exams still tells students to draw and label a cockroach in 2020.

As I look at my daughter heading towards nine years and about rounding up primary school I am thinking of how she sees this world from Africa? What choices are available for her and what choices will she finally make?

During the PANDEMIC, Mabel decided to go and spend time with a salon close by the house and learn how to make hair. I didn’t influence the decision. Her mother helped her approach the people and discussed everything. Since primary Schools have not resumed, she is still going to the salon daily.

Some neighbor of mine said she is too young and another said catch them young.

Things have so evolved in the past 30 years that Careers that were not counted for anything in our analog world then are topping charts now. Yet we’re still stuck with an outdated curriculum for training our children who we claim are the leaders of tomorrow. No wonder tomorrow never comes in Africa.

Look at the Ronaldo’s, Messi’s and Neymar’s and the Anthony Joshua’s

Look at Facebook’s Mark Z.. and the guys at Google, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

Look at Linda ikeji, Wizkid and Davido

Then last but not the least, Look at the Nigerian Political Class

None of these persons stated above are working or earning because of WAEC and JAMB or regular school.

The world is driven byskills, information and creativity.

And our country is still worried about failed exam structures like WAEC & JAMB.

this generation needs another type of schooling

Many rich parents have moved their children ahead to better/updated schools within and outside the country because they can afford it. But what is the fate of those who cannot afford it. Where as we have Governments that wastes billions on wardrobe allowance and newspaper allowance (misguided Priorities), what a shame in the 21st century.

Do you know that Students who do not thrive well in the current schooling pattern could actually be Geniuses in another field.

A 1980 curriculum cannot be revised to produce 2020-compliant graduates!!!!

Change it entirely!

Build schools around skills.

Convert some of these University campuses to sports facilities and train more sportsmen instead of unemployable graduates.

Build automobile university from ikoku mechanic shades

Build an IT highschool from the computer villages

Build furniture and interior decor colleges around the plank sheds and timber markets

Convert Aba to a Production City. And Onitsha and Lagos and Kano into a sales hub for all things produced in Nigeria.

Build crude oil and minerals refining colleges around the bunkering sites

Turn some of these big universities to Agricultural universities that will farm, produce and package food for the country.

Turn some science universities to teaching hospitals and electricity/solar power generation colleges. After all the certificates they issue are almost worthless.

Stop all these project writing in Universities that bears no fruit to our economy.

Time to change this continent inside out.

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