Celebrating ASU EKIYE- a model for all Niger Deltans

Great Values BLOG derives pleasure in Celebrating icons who have set Valuable standards for others to follow. One of such persons is the Prince of the Niger Delta himself, Dr. ASU EKIYE.

To celebrate him we are pulling up a page that was written about him in our unreleased book- Music Pays

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Let me use a respected music artist to describe this point. Several years ago he told us the story of his musical tours abroad with his New Dimension band.

Their performance was electric and people appreciated them but after the performance, people were still expecting them to do some indigenous African music.

At that time they couldn’t because they didn’t prepare for such.They were Africans but they majored in American music. So the Americans were like you are singing what Kirk Franklin sings everyday. Sing us something African. Something original and unique.

This great music legend from the South of Nigeria returned home and Rebranded himself and his Music.

He diligently researched some native Ijaw musicals. After doing that, he rebranded some of the songs and composed some new ones to add up and produced one of the greatest contemporary Ijaw gospel music albums of our time. Woekilemo!!

This multiple award winning artist has gone on to release more hit albums in the same Ijaw music genre and has taken the world by storm.
He has been a great influence on many musicians from the region including me.

His works has put Niger Delta music on the map of the world. For me and others, he rightfully deserves the name, Prince of the Niger Delta. And perhaps the prince should be enthroned as the King soon

He has so branded himself to the point that his public dressing always portrays his brand of music. He currently runs a fellowship of gospel musicians (FOGMMON).He has performed on every notable stage in the world. His name is Asu Ekiye.

Lessons learnt from this great legend of our time

Though he is respected the world over for his brand, he didn’t start that way.. he built it with hard work and Determination. And that is an encouragement for many of us who are his followers.

He built his brand against the trending styles of music at that time. He made his style trend and it’s still trending till date. Have you listened to Kareyo? Eniye? to mention a few.

There was a time when we were sewing clothes with big collars because of him.There was also a time when people were singing his hit songs in every church service because one man carved a brand for himself.

This write up is culled from the book MUSIC PAYS which is about to be released.

I couldn’t just resist the temptation of pulling this write-up out to celebrate his birthday…

Happy birthday Sir

More life and more wins..

Meanwhile, he is happily married to his first lady Kunemofa.. (I hope I got the spelling) and they are blessed with wonderful children..

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