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OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM; in a state of emergency

There are a few things I don’t like to remember because it hurts me and a lot of people seem not to care.

One bright Sunday afternoon I visited a friend in another church and found him repairing a crashed CPU. So I asked him where he learnt it. I was expecting him to say he learnt it from the university but his response was a Sharp No. He said, the university only taught him theories without any application. Meanwhile he paid fees for four years for next to nothing.

He learnt more in a six month period doing I.T (industrial training) in a practical computer shop than the entire four years in the university learning computer engineering.

His story is the story of all science related courses in Nigeria. No practical contents, just talks and writing tests and bribing lecturers to pass exams..,

I was so excited seeing him bringing out tools to fix the system. In the end, it worked. But that was because he applied the practical knowledge gotten from somewhere else.

Someone defined insanity as doing the same thing but expecting a different result. As I know, the spine of our official school curriculums are more than 25years old. Why do we repeat things that don’t work in Africa. What will it take for us to discard old ideas and embrace current ideas.

Why do we still learn everything and specialise on nothing? Why do we still write w.a.e.c that is a mere show of exam malpractice. Why do we still write jamb to enter universities that are more of spending centers than learning centers?

The education sector in Nigeria and Africa is in a state of emergency.

We are not learning to solve issues but just learning to get certificates. I gathered from a reliable source in the telecoms industry that the so called experts we respect from abroad are people that didn’t see the four walls of a university in their country but they are good at what they do and we pay them highly.

How can our science universities be learning Fortran programing language in 2020? How can science undergraduates be required to merit English language before they graduate? Why will the first two years of our university education be dedicated to learning everything? When will the undergraduates focus on the real reason they were there?

A Friend of mine told me that his engineering lecturer told them that none of them is qualified to graduate and that the school is just producing paper holders instead of engineers.. The worst part is that nothing will be done about it till they kingdom come.

I heard a story of examination in the rural communities where as the supervisor shares the question papers, everyone leaves to the nearby bushes to dissolve the questions by the help of mercenaries. One faithful day the supervisor was so pissed off that he decided to leave without the papers. To his utter amazement, the entire community refused him to go that he must collect the papers like that because that is how they write their exams in that community. Sadly, their Royal Highness was also involved.

Something has to be done to the educational system in Nigeria and Africa else the schools will be useless in the next decade.

The few persons that can afford it take their children abroad for proper education while the majority of Africans are left with education that is expired. Expired curriculums with expired teachers with expired school buildings writing expired exams to get useless certificates.. Shame..

But we drive current cars, use current gadgets and cannot demand for current education.

I am not happy as I am writing this.. where do you go from here?

Everybody from the President to the Prisoner knows that to pass w.a.e.c exams requires money not knowledge but we are still doing it. If it is impossible to pass the w.a.e.c without cheating then we should stop the exams or improve on our teaching.

Very soon, people will write the waec from SS1. And if they pay enough (not know enough), they will make their papers without being able to defend it..

The situation is deteriorating by the day. Right now the parents are more updated in malpractice than children. And we are all going to no where with our eyes closed..

The aim of education is not for the certificates but to train the mind to solve problems..

In civilised Nations, the Government raises funds and grants for private individuals who wants to venture into education sector because education is the one factor that decides their future. But here in Africa, our Government gets rich by taxing private individuals while Government produced nothing for all the pay they take.

Our Education sector is in a state of EMERGENCY!!!!!