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I am ready to Serve..

There is Dignity in Labour.

Young People from Rivers, Bayelsa, and the entire South South Region, it’s time to Wake Up and get down to work or remain disadvantaged Forever.

Especially my fellow Rivers and Bayelsa Youth.
Let’s do something legitimate with our Time.

The fact that every tribe in Nigeria is here Hustling in Port Harcourt shows us there is still Abundance in this land.

Begging for Handouts at NDDC gate, Collecting Marching Ground at Revenue Generating Centers and Building Sites, Asking for Community Chance will only help less than 1% of us.

Militancy and Breaking of Pipeline has helped another very few of us (not that I support it)..

The Vast Majority of us have to do Something with our Hands and Minds or one day we will go back to our Villages with Shame.. And there is so much to do with our Minds and Hands.

When the Discipline that comes from Work is not in us, we end up spending all they dash us (after using us for their selfish purposes) on Drugs, Clubs, etc..

Every December you will witness the Hustling Igbo, Akwa Ibom, Yoruba and Hausa boys (that were willing to do all the odd jobs in our state), travel with Good Money earned from our land to Improve their places but we will be Waiting for Wike or Amarachi etc to Dash us Again. God Forbid it..

We need jobs Abi? Oil company jobs, telecommunications jobs, etc. It’s not coming and it won’t come, ask around..

And there is no job because we are not qualified and or we don’t know that we can Create Jobs for ourselves.

Now look at this Scenario:

The day Hausa people leaves this land we will find out what we have done to ourselves.

From merua, to shoe maker, to fast food, to changing dollar, to selling us all the food we eat like rice, yam, beans, millet, corn, even all the meat we eat, cow, goat, ram suya..

To sewing our clothes, to doing job men in the market, to driving all the 911 vehicles that bring food into this land. To supplying all the fruit we eat, water melon, cucumber, carrot and all the salad things, they even sell peeled oranges…

Do you know they sell with wheel barrow in every street and their dry fish is cheaper than the ones our mothers sell at creek road.

Let me not bother you with my analysis on the Other Tribes and Their Escapades in Ph.

Mind You!

This write up is not against the other Tribes but To Motivate the Riverine Youth to Wake Up!

I am starting a campaign.. I am not alone.. More Voices are needed.. Voices stronger than Mine… We can get to the Length and Breadth of This Our Great Region and Wake Up This Great, Talented, but Sleeping Army-Niger Delta Youth.

We will send Messages through all Media and the Internet, Create Avenues for Outreach and trainings until we Liberate This Army.

This is my Contribution as a Pastor Born and Bred from this Region.

More updates will come soon.

Contact me..

If You Want To Join This Civilised Revolution…

Iwori Ruskin Jamabo