Women of Niger Delta.. wake up

After two episodes of talking to my Niger delta Youth especially the brothers, I have decided to write about something that may concern our Sisters more…

Help me answer this Question to Yourself.
How important is food to you? For me it’s over important. Food is the fuel that runs me. And I think it’s the same with you.

In the late 80’s there was a place called Nido on hospital road. Fried yam, bole and fish, and general evening food was sold by some Okrika women and one Akwa Ibom woman. I was small but I remember every night my elder ones will place order. There was another bubbling place down town known as Plaza, and many other cool eating spots.

Then, Riverine Women were into Restaurant Business and when you ask of native soup you know what you get. Real ikinji, aga, or omoda, but now everything has changed.

Presently in the city of Port Harcourt, there are very few food joints owned by Riverine women if any..

This is where our girls come in.
Our mothers trained is in school with restaurant business then we grew up and turn the place to gossip centres or meeting centers and killed the businesses because we don’t have the discipline for making money.

Is it that our girls don’t know how to cook?

But if they don’t know how to cook can’t they learn?

Or we don’t see the opportunity in restaurant business?

Its one of the most profitable businesses.

Go to Lagos bus stop in town, park under flyover, mile 3 park, virtually everywhere people gather in the markets, secretariat, ust, uniport, building sites, hospitals, every body is buying food.

My elder brother Barisua Saronwiyo-Jamabo said once that food business can never go wrong..

Go now to Accra street at Lagos bus stop and see every house has a restaurant in front of it and all of them are Selling, some sell into the night. I also Patronize them and I have taken my Guests there to eat, because they operate on a large scale, their food is Cheap and Satisfying.

I have not seen a Riverine girl there,

The Riverine girl is naturally beautiful, lively looking and intelligent but how come we are not utilizing this food industry with all we have. A beautiful girl owning a small restaurant will attract……. All things being equal.

Even the Akara and moi moi woman is not Riverine…

On the other hand the Riverine girl that refuse to do a restaurant, patronizes others. Take her out and you will hear Buy Me This Buy Me That. .. They will even Complain, I don’t like the way their pepper soup tastes, but she can’t brace up to do the business.

My dear sisters, there is No job anywhere. While we are waiting for the big jobs let’s humble Ourselves and do Business,



Fruit Selling, etc

Our Men Need Help. Only one Income cannot help anymore.

Our girls can Cook, there is dignity in Cooking, Roasting, Baking,. Around my residence I can see four restaurants and many food hawkers none is from Okrika, or Rivers, all are from Akwa Ibom. Only one Ogoni woman is baking all the others are Akwa ibom.

We all need money. We should realise that There is shame in begging for everything. Let’s get to work. Let’s feed Ourselves.

Don’t tell me you don’t have money to start. It does not take money to start. It takes a will. When there is a will there will be a way.

Lastly go to Victoria street opposite Romeo… By 8am every week day you will see the number of men and women lined up to buy food. The demand is always more than the supply and it’s a business opportunity for someone.

How many times have you eaten today, where did u buy the food, whether raw or cooked.. Have you seen why Riverine people are in trouble? The whole revenue goes out.

This is my third write up.. More are coming! We need to enlighten ourselves to have a greater Niger delta.

You can contact me to join the Wake Up campaign

Iwori Ruskin Jamabo