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The Penis That Refuses To Rise In Marriage.. by Goodness Ben Ibeeronini

There is a complex issue that faces Christian singles;

1. They are not to have premarital sex because it is a sin.

2. They want to but can’t ascertain the sexual capabilities of their dates without commiting the sin of fornication

3. They either just believe and go ahead with the marriage or commit the sin but be physically sure of what they are going in to.

Either way you look at it, there is some form of uncertainty for the real born again single.

Now I saw this post from a Facebook friend and I decided to share..

Read on..


Before I got married, my dad called my immediate younger sister and myself for a conversation.

I still have a feeling my other two sisters were also eavesdropping. He said “My dear daughters, I am not saying you should go ahead and have sex before marriage; but while you are in a relationship with whoever you decide to marry, be sensitive to know how reactive he gets when he is attracted to you” touch him a little, and maybe hug him too, it might spark a reaction. Observe this.

According to him, when a man really loves you and is attracted to you, naturally his hormones might act up by causing his manhood to rise.

At that point open your eyes and look down to be certain there is that reaction to avoid stories that touch.

This does not mean you go ahead and have sex, but you should be aware that his penis is functional because that’s the organ that would satisfy you sexually in marriage.

You see my dad is a very wise man and a medical doctor. Considering his profession, he had seen his own share of men that could not get their sexual organ up go ahead and get married without telling their intended spouse their predicament.

Infact, that day he was a mediator between a couple who has similar issue.

The husband knew he had that challenge and kept telling the wife that he would wait to have sex with her when they got married.

She thought the man was being so considerate of her and was so glad at how lucky she was to have found him.

Not one day did he even feel attracted to her sexually or was even tempted to you know bring up the issue of sex.
For Christ sake, he was a man.

Men have been made to be moved by what they see, except otherwise. She did not find that unusual until after marriage, she realized his manhood was not fully functional and had refused to rise. That was when their challenges started. The wife was heart broken. Sadly she was not ready to be with him as he sort out solutions because she was deceived. She divorced him.

Eleojo Jennifer Amuneni Shared this story a few days ago and I’m sharing this with you because I had this idea on my mind long time ago.

I have been privileged to hear people’s stories beyond just their business.

The problem of some homes comes from the bed, the one you are hearing outside is just a ripple effect.

I am a 100% advocate of bed undefiled. And I don’t want you to come to this post to argue if it’s right or wrong.

But being a child of God should not blindfold you, God expects you to be smart too.

One day in church we discussed about COURTSHIP during the Sunday school service and I talked about sexual compatibility.

You need to have someone your are sexually compatible with.

There are persons whose hormones are intense, they want to have sex 3 times a day, there are others who doesn’t mind just 3 times a week or even 3 times a month.

People are all different and they are all normal based on their nature and other factors.

These are things you need to talk about in courtship.

Sex is part of life, sex in marriage is important and you can’t be too holy to talk about it because if you don’t , reality will still be waiting for you.

I have coached a woman who wasn’t consistent with our activities, she has a 9 to 5 job so her only time to work on her brand is in the evening.

But over time she was inconsistent , I got tired of working with her and one day she opened up, her husband can’t sleep without sex and it drains life out of her daily, she no longer enjoys it, it’s more like a chore.

You see, don’t go into courtship and be talking about how much you can’t breath without each other.

Talk of important things.

Bed undefiled yes, but discuss sex, discuss about sexual compatibility and everything concerning it.

Don’t take it for granted, don’t think it doesn’t matter.

For those who are married, did you discuss sex before marriage?

Kindly share this and educate someone.

Goodness Ben is a business coach and a certified life coach.

You can contact Goodness on her website.