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From the stables of…. SIRA-TEEH NGBOR

I read this post from a friend’s Facebook wall so I decided to ask for permission to share.. Personally I have a lot of stories related to this write up but let’s start with her Post.

Read on..

I wash my hand from anything ‘unreasonable’ traditional marriage list.

“Sira I love this girl but I do not think I can continue with this”.

This is about the 8th bride recalling her fabric / initial deposit this year alone. Marriage plans put on hold indefinitely.

Dear Fathers,
did you use the equivalent of N2million to marry your own wife?
Just marriage list o, asides the ceremony proper and every other thing. Heaven help you if there is a proper Nigerian white wedding attached.

– A good 84% from a sample data shows that young men take business service loans to facilitate wedding ceremonies.

– 9% break off immature investments/ sell off life long assets to foot marital rites.

– 8 percent source money from ” other means” Like Family/sponsorships/contributions et al Mind you, ‘Other means’ also includes fraud.

I remember about 3 years ago, a popular PH big boy and wife were posting Dubai pictures whilst still owing vendors. I was so pained I worte about it and the decorator dm’ed me to complain of unpaid balance too. If you see the hall decor ehn, if you no get sense you go reach house ask ‘God why is my case different’.

Your case is really different because you are not a thief. Less than 2 months of being married, he was arrested by his company for staging a robbery story. I do not know how he wriggled himself out of it, but I definitely got my due balance payment.

Let’s not even talk about the one that still holds grudges against his father inlaw, 7 years and counting. I don talk, I don tire.

You see this pressure tradition and societal expectations puts on you ehn, we will end it soon. I mean placard carrying and toll gate blocking … erm, no toll gates but you get the picture.
It is a cankerworm that should has eaten deep into our society and should be rid off.

Yours in Matrimony,
Sira-Teeh Ngbor.

Please note: SIRA-TEEH is a certified and trusted wedding planner and Event Manager.

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