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How To Live In Peace With Everyone… Lessons from Abraham.

My Pastor, Rev Gabriel Halliday said ‘Problem is an indigene on this earth’ Problems have as much right to exist on this earth as you and I. Problems don’t need a source or reason to exist.

All types of people at different times in different environments go through all sorts of troubles. Even people who don’t have any friends or acquaintances still encounter problems.

Wealth too can bring problems. Ask Abraham and Lot.

Abraham became stinkingly rich that his nephew (Lot) who followed him became so rich too. It got to the point where their wealth became a problem between their workers (herdsmen) until the two masters got involved in the problem. Gen 13:1-9 refer

One would have thought that riches answers all problems not knowing that it’s Big man Big problem.

Now problem is not a bad thing but the way it is handled will determine if it will degenerate into a worse one or it will be amicably settled.

To master the trouble situation and achieve peace, Abraham did some striking things

1. He approached his nephew for them to resolve the matter

There is no law that says the Younger person must initiate the peace process or wives must always plead for peace between them and their husbands,
or children must always plead for the settlement between them and parents,

Though it is obviously correct for them to do as tradition of respect demands but they have a choice to do it or walk away.. continuing the problem

Now, Abraham was the uncle and Abraham was the boss that led Lot to wealth. But Abraham was also the wiser man. He knew Peace will maintain wealth and family so he made the first move.


2. Abraham moved made the peace move because they were relatives. We should always know that what binds us is far above our differences. Our differences are too small to destroy our history and our future put together. Trouble can ultimately lead to death..

3. As part of the peace process, Abraham asked lot to choose first. Sometimes we have to let go of our traditional rights to instill peace.

And after everything, there was peace between Abraham and Lot and as a mark of approval, God spoke to Abraham and gave him directions for more progress.


PEACE is not the absence of trouble but the Mastery or Control of it. If we choose to control the troubles around us, we shall enjoy peace just as Abraham did.


There was a time it was only 2 brothers to inherit the whole earth (cain & abel) yet there was problem to the point cain killed abel. Gen 4:1-8

What were they actually fighting for? And what exactly do people fight for these days?

Some times You think your troubles are connected to the congested space you live or work in. So you want to move to a new place by all means..

problems will be in the new address waiting for you.. its everywhere..

Troubles are neutral to your sex, status, beliefs, age, etc. Only a dead body is immune to Troubles

So the earlier you start learning to Master/handle those issues, the better for you.

All these troubles in our family, office, school, church, communities, politics, etc.. It wont end, we have to learn how to master PEACE in troubles.

Jesus said in luke 17:1 and matt 18:7
Offences must come
Troubles are legal occupants in this world. Learn to master them

Paul said in Romans 5:3 tribulation worketh patience.
So trouble teaches you patience.. and you know you need a lot of patience

No one solves a problem by running away from it (except sexual sins)
Instead learn how to MASTER problems and have Peace.

God bless you!!