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7 Reasons Some Men CAN’T Get Married

Getting married is very easy for some people yet very difficult some people

Can you imagine a rich handsome young man that is still single at the age of 38? He has his house, a good job, from a decent background, he is healthy, a graduate.. when you see a scenario like this you know that money doesn’t answer all things.

At the start of every new year people normally make new year resolutions, many young men will also say they will get married inside the year but as the year goes on, they will postpone it again to the next year even women.

Well, this year 2020 was peculiar because there was a ready made excuse for a lot of young men because of the covid 19 pandemic and it’s attendant economic difficulties.

Yes, the covid may have genuinely hindered some young men but there are others who whether covid or not cannot seem to put themselves together to get married.. to such persons, getting married is the most difficult thing perhaps they have spiritual wives.. lol

So I did an x-ray on the reasons why young men cannot get married to help young people avoid these mistakes and get married next year.

The reasons many young men are not married are as follows;

1. They can’t make a choice. Their eyes and their hearts and their throats are not in sync.

Their eyes wants a certain level of outward beauty which is not a wrong thing like the curves, the bum, the boobs, the class etc.

Their heart is searching for some inward qualities in a woman that can guarantee them peace at home like calm, loving, respectful, responsible, patient, godly, understanding, etc.

Their long throat is searching for a girl that is already financially stable. A girl that has graduated or has a job or a business or a good inheritance, etc. They don’t even mind if she earns more than them

This confusion is not good for anyone. My suggestion is follow your heart because beauty fades with age. But if you can have all you need in one person please don’t delay.

2. They are not ready. Marriage requires a lot of commitment. You will loose your freedom to a lot of things and many young men don’t want that at all. They still enjoy the freedom of time, association and spending.

There are some times in my home as a married man that I just wish I was not married because there are much needs and I always have to sacrifice my needs to please my family because of insufficient funds. So I understand why some manchelors are afraid to commit.

So every new year, they say they will get married towards the end of the year but as the year wears on they are distracted again. The reason is simple, they are not ready. They are not ready to be committed to responsibilities. They still want to be free. When a man is ready, all excuses turn to motivation.

4. Marriage is too expensive. The high cost of marriage and wedding is able to discourage some young men from taking that route especially when they can cohabit and still enjoy all the benefits of marriage. I think this problem is too big to be left unattended to. It may require the government to come in and prevail in our traditional authorities so that marriage costs should be minimal.

5. Excessive demands from women. Some women are not realistic at all. They just want to have a show and not a marriage. Their expectations can be so high and it’s frustrating when the women is not contributing to the marriage budget. The venues, the wears, the food, the pre and after effects.. if a man doesn’t have much money, it can discourage him where some women don’t care.

Every other thing plus wedding is just formality. I wedded because the people around me were more powerful than me. My pastor, my wife, my wife’s pastor and parents were all very interested in a wedding. If I was my pastor I would not have done wedding and I would have been fine.

My guy, if you have the money, celebrate your event to the fullest because with time the memories will do you good, but if your budget is small, you can still get married without that lavish event and life goes on.

Sometimes the high budget marriage and wedding is the reason you are still fornicating, having heart breaks, and so many regrets.

Please be wise…

My cousin told me that pertaining to events like weddings and burials no one carries first or last, a better event will come no matter how much you spend.

Go and marry.. Stop enjoying free browsing with excuses.

6. Unfinished business. Some men have unfinished businesses to tidy up before thinking of settling down like more degrees, training of younger siblings, building project, etc. There are some men that are so focused on what they want to achieve and it makes them not to accept getting married till they have concluded or pushed the project to a certain level.

7. Heart breaks. There are some types of heart breaks that can ruin someone for life. Some men can’t seem to get over it they can’t trust any other lady. Therefore they decide to stay away for marriage but they still sleep with a woman or two.

8. Spiritual wife. As funny as it may sound, there is actually something called spiritual wife or at least some people believe in it.

They say it makes men not to desire getting married in this material world because they are already Married in the spiritual world and some have children already.

According to some religious thoughts, men who have spiritual wives have some symptoms like having dreams of love making and visiting the river or eating, etc.

Well this post is not about spiritual things so we will not swell much on it!

Finally MOST of these problems are curable. and I want to prescribe the way of curing it.


Among the girls you are already attracted to, accept the girl that accepts you whether she meets your full criteria or not. The fact that she accepts you is all that matters.

Then start your journey by asking her hand for marriage. If she doesn’t accept, move on to the next..

Fearlessly start your journey and as you proceed things will fall in place.

If you feel you have spiritual wife, go to a prayerful church

Thank me later…

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