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Chronicles of a father.. True life stories

Story One

Today while i was sweeping d living room my 1st daughter was busy eating crackers (so i thought) Neva knew she was licking beads.. gosh! & i’ve warned her severally not to do such.

As she saw me knowing i’d seen her, she spat it out.. so i called out to her, Diandra “so you have been licking beads again? Come here Let me spank you.. she changed her countenance.

But she knows her father so well that he’l flog her.. next thing i saw was she started spinning tunes like “U ARE YAHWEH EHEHEH”🤭 i Laughed so hard till i forgot 2 spank her.. ” 🤔

Because of what my daughter did, while i was meditating i just saw how Jesus wants us to be with our heavenly father!..


When my wife was admitted in mid November, my daughter & i always took roadtrips the hospital. Navigating Aba road wasn’t funny at all wit all the road constructions everywhere. Just close to G.R.A junction, Diandra Looked up & saw a plane flying past, and she started waving “🚁 byebye 🚁 byebye”..then she tapped me- Daddy see a plane, cant we enter it? i was Like why that thought Diandra?!

Then i answered her, we will but not today, maybe tomorrow.


Story Two

After my chores today, i thought i was done so i can have a cold shower..{just letting d water serenade my torsos, cascading down to my hood..} “How i wished for a Jacuzzi with a brandy on ice & my god’za in close proximity”

While i was day wishing, my first daughter was getting herself messed up with ‘sand sand’..i couldn’t b more pissed!..her mum was recuperating so i’d have 2 clean her up, bathe her again? oh i looked at her, she knew her time was up! as i drew closer to give her the spanking of a season she started dancing..💃💃 i was Like why are you doing this?🙆‍♂🤔🤔


Story Three

When my first daughter (pix above) was less than a year old, i did more of d babysitting because her mum was a nurse/community health practitioner.

One of those days, when she wakes, she cries & disturbs d neighborhood.. i’l make her milk wit hot water & tease her wit it.. once i bring it close to her mouth, the speed at which she takes it makes me wonder if she worked all through the night.

100mils downed she’d cry for more.. after giving her water & burps, i’ll set her bathing water & get her in to the bath, once we are done she’d smile! if i venture give her another 50mills she would sleep Like a rock and puke everywhere 🙆‍♂🤔 giving me more chores.. and if i don’t give her, i would have to play the clown till she gets tired of giggling & sleeps.


Story Four

while growing up as a kid i used to wonder why adults are restless about having children after their wedding when actually it takes a lot to raise children.

From knowledge about them to patience to nurture them to sacrifices & clear cut strategies to aid growth, child care takes its toll on parents. So before marriage, ask your spouse “do you want children? how many? Remember they will need to so much input from parents to grow, they will need enough guidance, implants & most importantly help to enable them discover their God given purpose!

When children are in their infants/toddler stages, it is always time consuming but it is also the perfect time 2 instill goodly virtues in them.


Story Five

When we had my 1st daughter through caesarian section, it wasn’t easy at all! We paid our next rent two months earlier, my goddessa (wife) wrote her final exams and i just my paidmy mother’s bills. So we were technically broke..

I went to church and told my pastor:” When u prophesied we would have our baby via C/section i told u i don’t have money for that”..he replied, the word of God can’t fail. You will not borrow..💡it stuck in my mind but i wondered how would this be? Jesus! i kept sealing it wit d words ‘i wouldn’t borrow to solve dis’…by d following week,somedays after valentine,she came out hungry & beautiful.. truly she has bin an enigma- so divine..God has bin so gracious & faithful!


Story Six

🎼🍼🥮..that’s what it takes for my 1st daughter to sleep…but you know electricity is short on supply here in 9ja with excessive tariffs, sometimes #1,000,000 in 3months could b your ‘estimated bill’..🤔🙆‍♂ my daughter was caught up in this melee; so i’d put her on my lap & shake her till she sleeps-also dishing out sum deft of those days, the neighbors started shouting & rocking the compound with their raucous chatter.. before i could go out there to shush dem- she woke up 🙆‍♂🧐👺 i was like who send me? wahala for daddy daycare…


Story Six

when my daughter was less than 6 months, She was always crying.. that annoying, eardrum piercing & far reaching squeals.. i got so sick of it that i didn’t bother carrying her even when she ain’t crying..🤔 even giving her milk 🍼 didn’t stop her from her squeals; when i get back home from my hustle, i don’t feel Like entering when she is crying..

one day my wife told me,’this daughter of yours is always crying because she wants to bond with you.. she wants to know your smell, your voice & understand your touch.. if u refuse to carry her she wouldn’t stop crying’..🤔🤷‍♂🙀😲..see Tory! i was awestruck.. but when i gave it a try, our bond became so knit that my god’za became jealous! but Thanx to my diva La viva who taught me how to bond wit my daughter!


To be continued….