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You Are An Alpha Lady.. culled from JOY CHINWENMERI’s Post.

This post is from a friend on facebook…

A beautiful, smart young lady that has defied norms and charted a course for herself as an Entrepreneur. A lot of people admire her and patronise her.. I think you should too.

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She is truly an Alpha female..

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Hello ladies, can I pour out my heart and talk to you all ? Especially the Mature, single ladies who are independent, have their own money and had to work hard for everything without the help of a man?

The society has made it difficult at times to find a suitable partner and there is so much pressure building up.

You are 30 ,31, 32 heading to 35 and you are scared you will not marry a great guy..

You keep meeting men who are after your body .

All they just want to do is enjoy your money …Broke guys mostly are the kind of men you meet
The struggling ones ..
Some genuine
Some with ulterior motives….

You give your all in a relationship and they end up hurting you.

Now, for a minute (hey, don’t cry)

Have you ever thought about the fact that you are the best version of yourself and therefore you deserve someone who will not only be LOYAL, COMMITTED and DEPENDABLE….You need a man whose LOVE is bigger than his EGO .

The greatest mistake you will ever make is to settle for just anyone because your biological clock is ticking. You are an alpha female.

You are not afraid of challenges
You fought through, worked hard and planted your feet strongly.

Do not ever use your money to wed a man ….

Desperation is one thing that men sight from afar and when you meet someone newly, don’t ever pretend about anything.. Whatever you do not like ,don’t accept it … Don’t ever accept ill treatment. Be decisive ,firm and open minded..

Be very calculative and watch out for red flags ….

A lot of guys wanna date you to know how it feels to date an independent, rich babe.. They are just in love with the idea of you but not the Entire package .

First, stop thinking about your age
It is just a number… It restricts you


Go ahead and live your life even if there is no man in view …

Don’t ever agree to make anyone the sole signatory of your account.
Don’t be so quick to change your landed properties documents to his name ..

Don’t even agree to a joint account yet …

Don’t go buying properties in his name or contributing to furnishing any one’s apartment without COMMITMENT .

I WILL MARRY YOU” is not enough to make you lose focus …..

Be Very firm .

Only make commitments when you are sure this person is LOYAL

I have seen beautiful women lose all their entire life savings to love scam…. A lot of leeches abound .

Be very careful and do not let anyone make you feel they are doing you a favor .

People are hitching hot single guys even at 40 ….

Package yourself well

Eat right, look beautiful

Use amazing skincare products from Hsm skincare

Smile often … Talk less…. Wear self confidence like a second skin.

Go out on dates , get you lots of male friends Not sex partners….

It will help you narrow down your choices and you would never make mistakes cos hanging around them, you get to hear their conversations, you understand How men reason and think .

Take off emotions … STOP ATTACHING EMOTIONS once you meet a man

See him as a normal guy …. like every other guy out there.

Take your time, study him.

Sample them my dear ..

There are men for friendship and men for marriage. .

So my dear , explore !!!!!

Men do this alot and that is why they will be talking to a girl this minute, asking her out and the next minute, wedding cards are out to another woman

TWO CAN PLAY !!!!🤸‍♂️

Are you angry Mister man ??? Sorry but I had to write this post 🤣🤣🤣

Lastly, A lot of men have missed out on good women because they allowed their EGO to come in between ……

Some just want to chop and clean mouth, spend her money and move on to the next victim

So Ladies !! Start getting wiser !!!


This post was from a friend on facebook… A beautiful, smart, young lady that has defied norms and charted a course for herself as an Entrepreneur. A lot of people admire her and patronise her.. I think you should too.

She is truly an Alpha female..

Contact her via this link