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Sophia Patrick-Atrogo… Story Of A Lady With Shear Resilience..


Some people are born with a silver spoon while some people are not born with any spoon. They have to find a spoon by themselves or eat with their hands.

Such is the story of many of families in Africa especially Nigeria which has been called the poverty headquarters of the world.

Sophia Patrick-Atrogo is not from a rich home. But she has refused to give herself the normal excuses of no help, bad economy, poor background, etc. Instead she decided not to rest until the story of her family will change for good.

How did we meet?

Rewind ten years from today at DVD picture studio at ogbunabali in the heart of Port Harcourt city. I and my sweet wife were taking our pre-wedding photos when this tall, dark, slim, presentable and daring young lady walked over to my wife to greet and ask questions.

I later gathered from my wife that she was a professional make-up artist and she wanted to undertake the project of my wife’s bridal makeup. I didn’t have a choice, I accepted as long as I wouldn’t pay immediately.

And from that moment till today, Sophia has dared everything in and around her to achieve every goal she has set for herself.

She doesn’t take no for an answer. She is so courageous in the face of challenges and she is a woman that believes in God to the core.

When I later found out that my wife’s make up was one of her first as she graduated from her make up training school, i had more respect for her because of how she packaged herself.

You will never believe it was her first experience. She was so detailed, so punctual, so painstaking and she was encouraging my wife all the way.

Years after that Event, Sophia was still keeping a good relationship with my family. This shows how committed she is to her clients. Even when things were not very rosy in our house, Sophia will still drive down in her crowded schedule to do a free make up for my wife in every major event.

Her stream of businesses

I knew her as a professional make-up artist and later I heard she was having a boutique too. I visited her boutique on Ada George road and I was so blown away with her diligence and industry.

Right now she has metamorphosed into a very big brand that is into commercial cooking, baking, and training of people in the area of cooking and baking. With the makeup and boutique still intact.

Her brand name is SOVISE. They are a lead name in everything cooking and baking of local and continental foods.

I guess she is into a lot more than I know. She is also a great motivator. She doesn’t fail to drop words and seeds of kindness that can help others grow in life.

Her Level of Discipline

Sophia doesn’t just believe in her abilities, she is wise enough to learn from the best in every thing she wants to do.

Recently, she was attending courses in and out of the state to improve her skill set and you wonder why does she want more?

Some people would have been satisfied with one business and dwell on it without diversifying for many years but Sophia is not one to be caged in one place. Her versatility is admirable and her resilience is paying off big time.

Her personal life

Sophia is a babe to the core. She is beautiful and she flaunts it decently. She is happily married. Her siblings are all inculcated in her business and she is a great supporter of her family.

She dances, she sings, she plays, she is a friend of children. She still finds the time in busy schedule to do her chores at home.

Sophia is an example to every young lady out there.. if you don’t relent your dreams will come to pass.

Sophia in her office attire..

You can contact Sophia for commercial cooking and baking

The Sovise brand also undertakes top Government contracts for large scale skills acquisition trainings of youth and women on cooking, baking and make-up..

You can contact her via her Facebook link which is


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