Merry Christmas and happy New year in advance the birth of Christ was on this wise:When his mother was espoused to Joseph, before they came together she was found with child of the Holy Ghost. read if you can, Matt 1:18-end.This is the story that brought us to ChristmasWhen I look at the Christmas story, I see it littered with serious issues in the earthly family of Jesus.. I mean very obvious relationship issues in the family Joseph and Mary but by the grace of God they made it through.The birth of Jesus that brought us Life, joy and peace was not ‘easy’ for his earthly parents Joseph and Mary..
Do you know that Joseph was contemplating to put her away.. Vs 19. Because he couldn’t understand the mystery of a virgin being pregnant…Sometimes the ‘problem’ in your family is not your fault and also not her fault but ‘spirits’ have interfered!. Just as spirits interfered in Joseph and Mary.See, Every Situation has an explanation but you may have to wait to get the explanation.. Even a pregnant virgin has an explanation..Sometimes you have explained out your heart to your partner and you can’t convince him or her because of obvious reasons. Just like Mary could not convince her husband.meanwhile Joseph refused to go public. Going public doesn’t solve matters, you are just looking for people’s approval not solution. Also, going public doesn’t exonerate you from the problems.Sometimes all we think is retaliation instead of solution and some people don’t know the difference.There is always a gap: Social, age, financial, exposure, cultural, upbringing, religious gaps between us that makes it impossible for us to convincingly explain issues to our partners.But there is an explanation if we can Wait. The problem is We don’t and Can’t Wait.When it was obvious Mary can’t explain it well, an angel had to explain it to Joseph in his Dream.God was willing to explain.. So please everyone should also try and explain things to the understanding of their partners. Prov 2:11 Understanding shall keep thee..While Joseph was thinking about putting her away.. Vs 19..Everyone thinks about issues..Once in a while the thought of putting him/her away or staying away comes.. But what do you do with it? Children think that way too, remember the prodigal son..Thoughts turn to actions. And thoughts are not not independent. We think with people most times or we pass our thoughts through people.So who do you think with? Some people Amplify our negative thoughts while some people help to neutralize us and reposition us. So choose who/where you think through.. Psalm 1: 1-3 can help.Joseph was a man, after the Angel’s explanation, he changed his plans and stuck to his wife. Some people will still not agree..Have you ever tagged along to someone because you are expecting something from the person?The person is not in any way noticing you or making things easy but you just tag along because of your expectations.. Joseph tagged along until she delivered Jesus. Time to tag along.. Yes tag along till you get your expectations.. And you will get it.I just tried to write down my Christmas message preached on the 24th December, 2017. It was definitely easier to preach it than to write it.Visit my pages on Facebook and YouTube (remember to subscribe) and get more value..