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NIGERIA!; how to change the Narrative

My name is Iworiamapirima Jamabo, I am a true African. I am from the Country known as the ‘former‘ giant of Africa. My country is Still the most populous black nation of the world and one time poverty capital of the world.

I have never travelled out of my country so you can agree with me that I have spent my four decades on Earth in this country that President Trump refers to as Shit hole.

There are millions of bad things to write about my country. And as if it’s not enough, bad things are still happening by the day. How people live, survive and still dare to dream in this country is a miracle of it’s own.

The worst part of the problems of this once-great country is LEADERSHIP. My country’s leadership crisis is so bad that currently, a lot of people suspect and allege that we don’t even have a President, that a cabal has planted an impostor on the country.

Well a lot of people like me don’t know what to believe now as the constant failure in all sectors of our country compels us to think that our country is on auto pilot towards the abyss.

Now the most painful aspect of our leadership failure is that the so-called leaders of our country are either not aware of our predicament or they are not doing anything to bring us out of the shit hole.

They are too wicked, short sighted and self-centered to think of our future as a Country. Presently nothing is working in this country and the way we are going, nothing will work in the next 40 years because things don’t just work, people work them and there is no one ready to work anything.. almost every system in this country is just a drain pipe.. SHAME!!

Let’s looks at Education and what the government can do to help secure our future.

What is Education?

In layman’s way, It is going to school

Going to school to To achieve what?

To learn how to read and write..

Read and write For what?

To be able to communicate and have a job or source of income to better your life and the world..

For me this is a limited view to the meaning of Education..

I see Education as the training of the mind and body in science, art and skills so that the person will be able to communicate, invent and be able to add value and influence the world at large

The current system of education was good 50 years ago and now we need to greatly improve it if not the lot of our country will never get better.

This educational system as a whole emphasizes certificates/degrees but we know better now that Education is more than having a University degree.

Always in our schools, people study something else and come out doing something else.

Ten thousand persons will enter a university and four thousand will graduate and look for work. Only about 500 will get manageable jobs and the rest will finally turn to handwork or businesses till when they can find..

Till date our educational system still makes everyone learn everything till very late in their lives before they try to specialize.

For eg..

What are we doing with English language? Till now, it is still posing barriers for people to enter or graduate from a university.

China that produces almost everything we use don’t speak correct English. Where has ‘correct’ English taken us to?

If there are people thinking about our future as a country, they would have reviewed some of these achaic policies and improve or review this outdated educational system.. Same with Mathematics.

What worked in the 70’s and 80’s cannot work now.. Almost 50 years after.

Our present Government should review this Monotonous Educational System if they want to effect changes in the next 10-15 years


When I was younger, I used to hear of Sea School Isaka, I heard it was a sports school… What has happened to it now? I don’t know..

Sports is currently raking in billions of dollars in revenue in civilised climes and if our leaders are serious there are so many sporting activities and so many talented young people that can do well in sports.

The reason sports doesn’t work well here is that we spend the first fifteen years of the children’s lives teaching them nonsense.

For e.g

We learn four subjects namely

  1. English Language
  2. Phonics
  3. Diction
  4. Verbal aptitude

in the name of english language that ends up giving us no financial values except that it makes us speak like foreigners.

We learn


Further mathematics

Quantitative aptitudes

For just mathematics that yields no money.

Then after wasting all the years in nursery, primary and secondary schools they start thinking about sports when it is already too late and children in developed countries are already turning pro at that age.

This is why a sports school would have been ideal where the emphasis of the school will not be subjects but to enable the children discover their sports talents early while also learning a little of other subjects just to help their communication skills.

Imagine a scenario where with all the rivers in the Niger delta, Nigeria does not win medals in swimming.. Lol.

This is because there are No sports based schools to train them.

If i were the President, all the Stadia and Civic centers in the Country should be turned to Sports Schools?

Do you know some people have been measured wrongly? simply because they couldn’t figure out maths and science in regular school but they could fight better than Mayweather and run like Bolt but the opportunity was not there.

Have you ever wondered what has Neymar got to do with Algebra?

A sports based school will help a lot of our children in this generation.

My point here is the normal school structure cannot address the issues of this world again.

Apart from the sports school, we need other types of schools;

  8. and so many others.

From my own little idea,

  • These schools will run from primary to secondary.
  • Parents who have discovered special talents in their children will prefer this special schools to regular schools.
  • The emphasis of these special schools will not be on crediting maths and English but in perfecting the needed skill for inventions.
  • The burden of normal school will not be there and students will enjoy doing what they love.
  • The dependence on government will reduce.
  • The schools will not need WAEC, their proof of education will be their skills.
  • Students will create quality goods and services because of specialization and training.
  • The economy will grow.
  • Criminals will be reduced.
  • Sorting of lectures and Cultism will reduce or end.
  • More jobs will be created.
  • Dependence on white collar jobs will reduce.

Do you know that Uniport can not help mechanics and carpenters. A university lecturer with masters in mechanical engineering cannot fix the slightest problem with his car but will go to mechanics that didn’t attend a university. A computer engineer will still take his computer to local repairers.

We are ust loaded with Certificates that cannot solve any problems. We have been learning the wrong things all the while and are still learning it.
I am not the only one thinking this.. It may have crossed your mind too.
Let’s improve on it..

Add or remove but send it on till it gets to people who can use it to make a change for good.

God bless Our Country!!!

Iwori Ruskin Jamabo

You can contact me through this link