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How the Devil wins Christians in Relationship battles

This write up is culled from the book, INTIMACY by Iwori Jamabo

It is no secret that the enemy is attacking our families as a way to destabilize the church and the world.

The time homosexuality reigned in the bible God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Now it is not just reigning but some powerful Nations have signed it into law and enticing other nations to do same.

So you can guess the mind of God now as it has to do with destroying the world. (Gen 19 refer).

Homosexuality, lesbianism and transgender are products sold to this world by Satan’s agents to counter God’s divine order which is Marriage.

The monotonous way married Christians treat sex also gives rise to these vices.

Humans have always wanted more and the Devil points them somewhere else. If the churches are not careful in our very eyes same sex marriage will sweep the next generation in the next few years.

When will the church start talking?

I know we are talking but are we really communicating? It is one thing to talk and another thing to be understood.

To influence the next generation, we need substance not theory. In this current wave of 5G technology our children will need more than words to properly process what we are teaching them.

This next generation needs to see pictures of their parents celebrating love and marriage so that they can make informed decisions as they grow because the internet is filled with pictures that suggests otherwise.

Mothers need to show (not just tell) their daughters that their fathers were really loving in all aspects of life.

Fathers need to show (not just tell) their sons how to love a woman as a normal growing-up family routine.

This is important because live on youtube, young people can see pictures of false ecstasy in same sex marriage, human and animals mating and a lot of other vices.

The young girls are lured into lesbianism and masturbation as a way of enjoying sexual pleasures without the fear of getting pregnant or contracting diseases. But in the long run they develop into something else. They become addicted to themselves and they have no need for a man again. And the natural order of Marriage is destroyed.

Satan wins by selling half truths and the church looses by saying nothing. Shame!

The more we carelessly allow our marriages to break down, the more we encourage people to look for answers else where.

While the church will attack my kind of philosophy and label it as carnal, they will forget that people every where need answers.

People want to know what to do to satisfy their partners and the church as usual is unwilling to answer or we think it is not important or we don’t have the answers.

They want to know if they need to artificially increase their sexual organs to look better and achieve more satisfaction and the church is still not talking. At best the church will come all out shouting abominations. But can’t we give answers? Can’t we provide Intelligent, logical and bible-based answers with proven examples that people can relate to? That is why I am doing this and I sincerely hope someone is being helped.

While the church is not talking, the internet is loaded with all types of information on anything.

Do we honestly think we can successfully stop our people from using the internet just to stop them from being contaminated?

Wouldn’t it be wiser for us to provide solutions faster and save as many people as we can from the internet influences of the devil? Is it not even possible that some church leaders are also secretly asking those same questions in their hearts and looking for the answers online?

I believe the Bible has answers to everything including marriage and sex matters. Every question about sex has a biblical answer. Some are implied and so many are visibly written. I wish I was a Bishop or I had a larger platform from where to send this message faster and help a few more persons.

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