Birthday Wishes for a Great Woman.. SOTY

Like your Pastor said ” many daughters have done well but thou has done above them all”

You are indeed a great woman and your deeds are worthy to be emulated.

At Great values blog, we have the healthy habit of celebrating our esteemed subscribers and friends whenever they gain some Notable Achievements in their endeavors..

Camera lights are rolling to announce our latest Celebrity;

She is a lover of God and a die-hard kingdom supporter.

Always caring for the needs of others (and me too).

A lady that is straight forward and void of sentiments.

A selfless leader and motivator of others.

Yeah she is also a passionate prayer woman.

Her advise is top notch.

Soty Michael Diongoli

She is a lover of children, she has proven it by opening a school where she can give back to the society BROWN ACADEMY

She has a unique fashion style too that makes her stand out from the crowd

Mrs Soty is a very creative business woman that has a lot investments mainly centred on women needs like; hairs, wears, cosmetics, jewelries, just to mention a few.

She is a true and caring friend to all her friends..

So humble and down to earth..
A lover of God..

Today is her birthday, 2Oth May ..

she is plus one.

And Great Values blog is saying Happy birthday

Praying, singing, cooking, traveling and giving

Join us and say happy birthday to SOTY MICHEAL DIONGOLI

More life and more wins….

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