My 10th anniversary memoirs part 5

Women like talk?

I think when women talk, they are just telling you to come and talk with them. They need your attention and your company. They like you to know that they are not only useful for sex but they can be useful companions. In the words of faze the musician, they need somebody..

Men can talk too but many men avoid talking at home much and my question is why?

Why talk to other ladies outside and keep your wife starving for the same communication. See, I use every opportunity to talk with my wife.. you know why? Talking moulds your woman.

My wife use to enjoy when I have Bible studies with her, gossip with her..( yes na, we gossip Wella) she likes when I am reasoning religiously or politically and I find out she uses it to up her game. when she has an issue to resolve in her family or at her work place, she passes it through me.

See, talk to your woman.. women see talking as toasting, so toast her.
Don’t talk about her, talk to her.. if she doesn’t understand you at first, keep talking but change the styles.

Just yesterday, when I was doing my husband functions.. she asked me where is your deep voice? You used it to win me before marriage, keep using it on me..

I am still trying to call on phone frequently, but I talk face to face. In the kitchen, in the toilet, on the bed, talking about just anything.. if I don’t talk, her world will experience problems.. so I talk, even nonsense.. just talk.

Women don’t like talking as much as they want to be talked to.. talking to her shows she is worth my time. It shows importance, it shows value.

Lastly, the time you’re talking with her is the time she also has to talk with you.. if you are avoiding talking to your wife, you will be passing a wrong message like.. she is not reasonable or sensible.. other persons have your attention ahead of her.. you don’t value her.. etc.

One cure to stop nagging is talking with her. Nagging is her trying to get your attention by all means…

The best side is if you can talk during sex.. oh God you will be crowned king of kings.. lol.. please talk, lies too.. just talk, tease and toast…

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