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How to find a wife that will give you peace.. my story..

10 anniversary memoirs

A good woman always makes it easy..

My best decision in life was to choose a good woman not a godly woman.

As at then I figured as a praying man, a praying woman was not my priority.

Infact I was sceptical about any lady that is very spiritual. I used to feel they will be hard to control because they can hear God as I do (I may be wrong).

To be fair to myself, those days the very spiritual girls were not beautiful. Not because they were not beautiful but because they had no time for the things of this life.. they were sold out ‘Jesus’ or better still, they were sold out to the church and avoided the outside world.

So they were not aware of the world. Beauty was “sin”. Working smart and doing business was almost a sin too. For something to attract them, it had to be old, off colour and non trending.. but that wasn’t the Bible..

And while they were covered in robes in church they could not open up themselves for the word of God to cleanse them.

They centred more on outward holiness while in them they had very dreadful behaviors and characters but they didn’t care as long as they can pray in tongues.

I was checking for the humanity in a woman I will call my wife not the christianity. I wanted know how she lives with her family and friends. That was more important to me than how she pretends or behaves in the church.

There are very good spiritual persons but be careful. I pity those who are waiting for God to tell them who is their life partner where as God gave them the same responsibiity to find their life partner.

You need to know that whoever you choose as a life partner will determine a lot in your life like; your productivity, the quality of your health, the Relationship between you and your siblings, the quality of your children, etc.

When choosing or accepting, be a bit practical instead of “spiritual”. These days, some of the so-called spiritual people don’t have a real life. They are a bunch of pretenders who have a different attitude when they are in public and when they are in the secret.

Marry someone that will make you happy. Not just for pictures but for peace.. as you age, the peace will be more important than the pictures.

So after a very difficult break up, I met this choir girl that is not ashamed to sell items in the market to support herself and her family..
So I thought.. if she can keep customers, she can keep members!!
If she can sell instead of hanging out with friends, then if the chips are down, she can do anything to help my family.. even sell mama-put!!

I never saw her beauty because she was not fat then. It’s after child birth I started seeing that I married a beauty queen who can bend down and hustle. As a Rivers man, I like some flesh… Lol

Turned out to be the best decision of my life.. choosing a good girl instead of a spiritual girl.


Bottom line: find out what type of person will work for you.. Choose what you want.. don’t just be carried away

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