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How to handle Your spouse and their Ex! Part 1

Something about our ‘Ex’

Some relationships end badly, sometimes the problem is from within us and other times it’s from outside influences. Most times we have pains and heart breaks..But with Time, we heal and/or we just move on.

The fact remains that ‘Ex’ is born out of a failed relationship, and I want to say that Your Ex is not necessarily an Enemy.

If all you have heard about people’s Ex is negative, I wouldn’t blame for being negative about it. But there are a lot of positive things about Ex’s that we can not just overlook.

A lot of persons have benefited so much from their Ex.. It could be financially or otherwise and though we don’t say it out, it happens and we know it. I also agree that some Ex’s are a NIGHTMARE.

Now, some of us (mostly men) think we can deal with our Ex and we even feel we have the right to, but we can’t deal with our spouse’s Ex. We are very uncomfortable with the thought or menton of Ex. And it creates rough edges all the time. It could be a trust issue or mentality issue but in MOST cases it can be solved if we just relax and think.

Know this! Almost Everyone has an Ex or Exs. There must have been Some Remaining Goodwill in us about our Ex therefore within Safe and Sensible Boundaries, We can Help and be Helped by an Ex.

Meanwhile issues of Ex, whether yours or your spouse’s will never stop. So be prepared to handle it before it comes or face the headache of it when it happens.

Ex is not necessarily an Enemy!!

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