Modern day Marriage is about finding the middle ground..

Modern day Marriage is about finding the MIDDLE GROUND!!.

is it true that Africans don’t read long write ups because they are lazy? Well it could also be that the write ups are not interesting. Please read this one.. it will help us all.

Gone are the days when our mothers were relegated to the background and their life’s ambitions were suppressed by cultural beliefs. Today’s woman is liberated in mind and body either by civilisation, gospel, or both. If you are looking for a woman you will suppress, hire a slave not a wife. Or better still go to countries where they still suppress women like… not here..

Same with women. The days of men being the single bread winner and initiator of all things in the family is past. Today’s woman knows that her liberated mind and body means she has a lot to bring to the table. Money, ideas, encouragement, etc.

The earlier we find the middle ground, the better.

We have to appreciate the fact that the world is really changing and things will not remain the same even in our homes. Those traditions we held high about the roles of men and women in the home, have all bowed to new inventions and the ability to adapt will be the strenght of this generation of marriages.

Middle ground!! Or balance!!

Decisions in the home should be taken together by intelligent analysis. It is not the exclusive right of the “head” of the house. What if the head is not working properly.. lol

Landry for example, is the work of washing machine not the woman per se. Cooking is the work of a chef if you can afford one or the work of the person that has more chance to cook per time. Taking care of children too..

We have more Women trying to come to the middle than men. Men still count traditional roles while women have broken out and are coming to the middle ground. Marriage, as your father did it is outdated. Remember, Women are now MD/CEO of banks.

Big bills are to be discussed and paid by both parties or the highest earner not the “man”.

Infact a modern marriage has no man or woman per se.. it’s two partners helping each other to make their family unit perfect.

Middle ground means you appreciate that no matter how intelligent and articulate you think you are, your spouse has something very valuable to offer. So you appreciate your spouse’s position and build together.

Middle ground means you know your spouse has expectations before coming into the marriage so you don’t become selfish but sensitive to your spouse’s needs.

Middle ground means letting your spouse lead!. It means to stop judging your spouse’s peculiarity as “mistakes” and helping to cover up mistakes when you find one in your spouse instead of comparing them with yourself or others.

Middle ground means reasoning together. It also means being the person your spouse wants you to be first before questioning your spouse’s motives.

Middle ground means differentiating between trivial matters and serious matters. Not letting trivial matters destroy the goal of the family. Knowing fully well that trivial matters for a man could be serious matters for a woman, vise versa.

I can say more but let’s round up.

Your spouse is not a fool. Never was, and never will be a fool.

Loyalty is not foolish obedience.

Your spouse will never be what you want him/her to be. The both of you will evolve to the “Middle” ground

Some people will never see the best of their spouse until they die. Because they don’t rate their spouse.

If your spouse has not influenced any change in you,it may be because you don’t rate your spouse.

Pastor Iwori Ruskin Jamabo

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