Double Tragedy part One

Matured Single ladies:

if husband is not coming quickly, “think” of having children now that you’re still energised to train children.
To avoid loneliness in old age.

This post is so simple but because we have a programmed way of thinking, we are unable to see the big picture in some things.

First, the POST is directed to Matured Single Ladies.. Presumably way above 30. But the younger guys and ladies are the first to tackle the post with questions without simply thinking first.

the pressures that a matured lady goes through while looking for or waiting for a husband is so stressful to say the least. Then add it with the fact that you think it’s until you have a husband that you can have children..

So what if the husband never comes?
Does that mean you will never have children? Or you think everyone will get married? Keep dreaming! It’s not even all married ones that will get the almighty “fruit of the womb”

Do you know how important it is to have children and have them early enough so you can train them to be useful to you in the nearest future?

When a man is sick or needs attention, the woman by default, takes care of him but when the woman is sick, the man can never leave everything he is doing to take care of her.. her parents/siblings have to come. Where they are not available, her children have to stand by. As women age, they become sort of an en.dang.ered species except they have children to cater for them.

So if you fall in the category of matured single ladies,
I am advising you to think of having your own children. You can’t do all the errands and chores at 50. You can’t possibly use house helps for ever. There should be things that are up close and personal where you need someone in the category of a child to handle with you.

I will give answers to all the puzzles and share real time stories to help but for now JUST THINK OF IT first.

God forbid! Fornication is not in the picture here at all.. but think.

Let’s think and talk