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NIGERIA!; how to change the Narrative

There are millions of bad things to write about my country. And as if it’s not enough, bad things are still happening by the day. How people live, survive and still dare to dream in this country is a miracle of it’s own.

The worst part of the problems of this once-great country is LEADERSHIP. My country’s leadership crisis is so bad that currently, a lot of people suspect and allege that we don’t even have a President, that a cabal has planted an impostor on the country.

Well a lot of people like me don’t know what to believe now as the constant failure in all sectors of our country compels us to think that our country is on auto pilot towards the abyss.

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Sophia Patrick-Atrogo… Story Of A Lady With Shear Resilience..

https://www.facebook.com/sophia.peters.188 Some people are born with a silver spoon while some people are not born with any spoon. They have to find a spoon by themselves or eat with their hands. Such is the story of many of families in Africa especially Nigeria which has been called the poverty headquarters of the world. Sophia Patrick-Atrogo […]

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I am ready to Serve..

There is Dignity in Labour. Young People from Rivers, Bayelsa, and the entire South South Region, it’s time to Wake Up and get down to work or remain disadvantaged Forever. Especially my fellow Rivers and Bayelsa Youth. Let’s do something legitimate with our Time. The fact that every tribe in Nigeria is here Hustling in […]

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MUSIC PAYS.. a book that will help you profit from Music.

Music Pays volume 1 is the first part of a book series on “HOW TO MAKE PROFIT FROM YOUR MUSIC TALENTS”. https://kobocourse.com/Iwori https://books2read.com/u/3LYra0 The information in this book will help reduce frustrations for individuals and organisations in music like churches/choirs, Professional music bands, and upcoming music artists. The book has eleven chapters that deals with […]


Born in Africa! Is it a crime or a mistake?

Before now, whenever I can’t sleep, I give myself to creative thinking. Sometimes I pray to my God and a fewer times I read. But of late I give myself to studying; studying what regular schools cannot teach. Studying how to be relevant to my part of the world. Studying by the help of the […]


PROSTITUTES & STREET HAWKERS – the harsh realities of a bad leadership

My continent Africa is truly blessed. So blessed in mineral and human resources that all other continents still depend on us (or steal from us) for survival.Our climate too is so superb that other Continents frequent our shores for vacation. Hardly do we experience the extreme weather that other Continents suffer. But Africa is so […]


Is Faith A Burden In Africa?

Someone sent this question to me to seek my opinion on the topic Is faith a burden in Africa? As much as I would have loved to avoid the topic, I also figured my answering it could help some of the readers gain another perspective to faith which is a very important issue. DEFINITION OF […]