Is sex lovemaking or Battle???

Sex is like a Battle for some People I was sitting opposite him in his well decorated parlor and he spoke to me that evening with a kind of confidence I have never seen him display in 12 years of knowing him. He said “with (he mentioned the name of a particular drug) I can […]


Modern day Marriage is about finding the middle ground..

Modern day Marriage is about finding the MIDDLE GROUND!!. is it true that Africans don’t read long write ups because they are lazy? Well it could also be that the write ups are not interesting. Please read this one.. it will help us all. Gone are the days when our mothers were relegated to the […]

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How to find a wife that will give you peace.. my story..

So after a very difficult break up, I met this choir girl that is not ashamed to sell items in the market to support herself and her family..
So I thought.. if she can keep customers, she can keep members!!
If she can sell instead of hanging out with friends, then if the chips are down, she can do anything to help my family.. even sell mama-put!!

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How the Devil wins Christians in Relationship battles

The young girls are lured into lesbianism and masturbation as a way of enjoying sexual pleasures without the fear of getting pregnant or contracting diseases. But in the long run they develop into something else. They become addicted to themselves and they have no need for a man again. And the natural order of Marriage is destroyed.


12 problems Women have with each other.. the 13th one will shock you

Great values blog has done more post from women contributors, we have also made more posts about women than any other topic. Women are always trending in anything they do.. no wonder God took extra time and tactics to create women. Personally, I think being a woman is the toughest assignment on Earth. I might […]

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COPIED POST… Suitors now prefer our house maids to our daughters..

This post was copied from a friend’s wall. But the content fits our core niche which is relationship and marriage hence we copied it just for the purpose of spreading the message The link is posted under the Post. Read on… My oga at the top, take note faa: *A mum shared the following write […]

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NIGERIA!; how to change the Narrative

There are millions of bad things to write about my country. And as if it’s not enough, bad things are still happening by the day. How people live, survive and still dare to dream in this country is a miracle of it’s own.

The worst part of the problems of this once-great country is LEADERSHIP. My country’s leadership crisis is so bad that currently, a lot of people suspect and allege that we don’t even have a President, that a cabal has planted an impostor on the country.

Well a lot of people like me don’t know what to believe now as the constant failure in all sectors of our country compels us to think that our country is on auto pilot towards the abyss.


Merith Otobong Ekanem.. Happy happy birthday..

At Great values blog, we have the healthy habit of celebrating our esteemed subscribers and friends whenever they gain some Notable Achievements in their endeavors.. Camera lights are rolling to announce our latest Celebrity; she is also a contributor to great values blog She is a lover of God and a die-hard kingdom supporter. Always […]