Rachael Kemmer.. Happy Birthday

At Great values blog, we have the healthy habit of celebrating our esteemed subscribers and friends whenever they gain some Notable Achievements in their endeavors.. Camera lights are rolling to announce our latest Celebrity; She is a lover of God and a die-hard kingdom supporter. Always caring for the needs of others and me too. […]

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Sophia Patrick-Atrogo… Story Of A Lady With Shear Resilience..

https://www.facebook.com/sophia.peters.188 Some people are born with a silver spoon while some people are not born with any spoon. They have to find a spoon by themselves or eat with their hands. Such is the story of many of families in Africa especially Nigeria which has been called the poverty headquarters of the world. Sophia Patrick-Atrogo […]

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You Are An Alpha Lady.. culled from JOY CHINWENMERI’s Post.

This post is from a friend on facebook… A beautiful, smart young lady that has defied norms and charted a course for herself as an Entrepreneur. A lot of people admire her and patronise her.. I think you should too. She has a special promo on all her products starting from April 1st to 4th […]

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How To Live In Peace With Everyone… Lessons from Abraham.

My Pastor, Rev Gabriel Halliday said ‘Problem is an indigene on this earth’ Problems have as much right to exist on this earth as you and I. Problems don’t need a source or reason to exist. All types of people at different times in different environments go through all sorts of troubles. Even people who […]

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From the stables of…. SIRA-TEEH NGBOR

I read this post from a friend’s Facebook wall so I decided to ask for permission to share.. Personally I have a lot of stories related to this write up but let’s start with her Post. Read on.. I wash my hand from anything ‘unreasonable’ traditional marriage list. “Sira I love this girl but I […]


Women of Niger Delta.. wake up

After two episodes of talking to my Niger delta Youth especially the brothers, I have decided to write about something that may concern our Sisters more… Help me answer this Question to Yourself. How important is food to you? For me it’s over important. Food is the fuel that runs me. And I think it’s […]

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MUSIC PAYS.. a book that will help you profit from Music.

Music Pays volume 1 is the first part of a book series on “HOW TO MAKE PROFIT FROM YOUR MUSIC TALENTS”. https://kobocourse.com/Iwori https://books2read.com/u/3LYra0 The information in this book will help reduce frustrations for individuals and organisations in music like churches/choirs, Professional music bands, and upcoming music artists. The book has eleven chapters that deals with […]