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EXCLUSIVE….. calls from my Ex that nearly destroyed my home

I can’t tell you now how I felt when I heard all these from my Ex about the extent my wife could go?

Was it true? Can my good and innocent wife go through all these stress just to be sure I am not cheating?

Couldn’t she have trusted me when I assured her we had nothing?

Must she have gone that far to talking to the lady’s husband? What if the man was not buying what she was telling him?

What if he reacted wrongly by perhaps accusing me of distracting his wife?

relationships Young Men Alliance

Wisdom for Ladies- beware of insecure men

FOR LADIES ONLY.In as much as you really want to be in a relationship, be careful not to stay around insecure men. It will dwarf your growth.A while ago, after lifting of the interstate Covid-19 restrictions.A high profile individual needed a chef, so I contacted a lady who was always advertising on her WhatsApp Story.Her […]